Wine Cellar Roulette

Unsure of what I wanted to drink and just not feeling like going on an accounting expedition in to CT to do so, I elected for a more practical and random approach… given my cellar is organized by varietal as the dominant tone and I felt Pinot Noir-ish, I walked in and faced a pretty wide series of bins of that varietal, shut my eyes, stepped side to side (no spinning lol), really lost my place, then just let whatever force of nature pull a wine to open. 2016 Kutch Falstaff as it turns out tonight. Could have ended up Loring, Biggio, Sojourn, many others in the same zip code, yet that got pulled. I’m happy and feel less guilt as I’d like to hold that longer if I had to think on it but random is random. I have a weird psyche opening things.

Anyone have a version of wine roulette for pulling bottles randomly from your cellar or stash?

Well, your random experimental experience is my usual routine.


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lol, I’m so much more the look through CT and make it more data based than it needs to. Truly blind and random is not my usual M/O. I have a block of cabs where the bottle could be 20 bucks or 2 Gs, and I guess I’d have to own that if I went there.

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Usually if I’m faced with that predicament I have my girlfriend go into the fridge (with some parameters) and blind me on the wine she chose.

I’ll go in cellar tracker and say just don’t pick these ones.

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I’ll tell my 5 year old to pick out bottles. She has remarkably good taste!


So you’ve simply put all the good stuff on top shelves :wink:


I wish this was a feature of CT. I did post about it on the CT forum a while back requesting it. Would be a lot of fun. Especially if you can filter by location, wine type, region or variety.

Takes a bit of steps, but downloading a spreadsheet version of the cellar, seeing how many entries/rows there are and using a random number generator to select a random row does the trick.


I’d love to hear about how you approach(ed) dating.


Haha. A lot less seriously than I do wine :sweat_smile:. No spreadsheets involved at all.

I do have a friend that build a whole CRM for when he was heavily casually dating a few years ago. That felt… excessive to say the least.