Wine Addict or Compulsive Shopper??

I did it again!

I swore to myself that I was going to cut back on wine purchases again in 2010. I am talking a significant cut back, like 40-50% less than 2009 (my 2009 was 45% less than 2008).

I just looked at my cellartracker reports and even though I felt like I really didn’t buy much, I notice with a shocked look on my face that I purchased 135 bottles of wine this quarter ! I just shook my head and said WTF !!

Granted this is the buying season for mailing list stuff , etc. But alot of what I bought were older vintages of Burgs and Bord’s. I woud say, oh look, a 1990 this or a 1989 that and buy a bottle, thinking , hey, its just one bottle at a great price…

Am I just a compulsive shopper? or am I that addicted to buying wine. I know I am not an alcoholic, so I think I more compulsive than anything else. I see a great bottle and its at a discounted price, I want it…I didn’t bother to check against my 2010 “Budget”.

Does anyone else have this problem? I am about to REMOVE myself from all the emailers I get. I looked at who I got mailers from in the last 24 hours. Winewatch, Benchmark, Grapes, Chambers, Wine this and etc etc etc etc. I think thats the problem, I see these emailers and I say , oh its just a couple of bottles. Well it does add up.

Sorry to rant, but man was this an eye opener. I know Eric Levine swore he would buy NO WINE in 2009. I don’t know how he did it…

[truce.gif] I have to surrender, lol. My bank account (and my wife) will thank me for it.

I have cut my monthly $$$ expenditures by more than 1/2 compared to last year. Of course, I’m already inputting some of my current expenditures into May in CT/GrapeStories, but I definitely have cut back. Has it been hard? Not really. I have just been saying no to things I would have jumped on last year. Kinda interesting to deny oneself, actually. Now, if I could just stick to the diet!!!


I feel your pain. I’ve been asking myself the very same question on controlling impulsive buys and sticking to a “wine budget”. Compared to the general population, I’m sure we would all be labelled as sick. headbang

No, no, we’re not sick. Just obsessed neener neener !

I rationalized it by saying that I’ll never see the wines at these prices again. My buying hasn’t increased as far as mailers go, but it has jumped significantly on closeouts and deals. I loaded up on a lot of Diageo closeouts which caused my buying to spike. In ten years, I’ll be glad (or so I tell myself).