Willamette Valley Riesling or Pinot Blanc

Plus 1 on Pierce Riesling, not sure how I spaced that off earlier. It’s one of my favorites, but I buried my remaining bottles so that I wouldn’t drink them all.

Ribbon Ridge makes an excellent Riesling.

I think my most recent KF shipment had a Riesling in there, actually…

We had a very nice tasting which included an excellent Pinot Blanc and a decent Pinot Gris at Maysara in McMinnville back in March '21.

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I don’t seem to be able to post in the Berserker Day thead at this point, so i’ll just leave this here…

I received my 6 pack of the B-Day 2021 Paetra Pinot Blanc today, so I can definitely confirm it’s been bottled.
Also received a bonus bottle as was mentioned in the May email, mine was a 2020 Elwetritsche

Just letting folks know…

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As someone who has yet to visit the Willamette Valley (seriously thinking about it for 2024 or 2025 though), I’ve enjoyed the Brooks Rieslings.

St. Innocent is the only Oregon Pinot Blanc I’ve tried so far: it was a good everyday drinker. Haven’t had any of their wines in a number of years, though: maybe their PB has improved?

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Appreciate the heads up re: Paetra. They were on my list of Oregon producers to try, but I’ll pass on them now.

I actually opened this and drank it this week, 2021 Kelley Fox something something White Riesling. It was delicious. Floral, with bright citrus, asian pear, granny smith, mineral, maybe some kiwi. Great cut, and good balance, crisp and dry but with a balance if bright tart citrus fruit and more generous sweeter fruit. I found this very enjoyable.

Branching off of my original post, does anyone know someplace in or near McMinnville where I could taste some Pinot Noirs with some age on them? I’m new enough to wine that I’ve never had a chance to taste anything older than about 5-7 years. I’d love to get a chance to see what they taste like with a few years on them.

I thought that Cameron or Eyrie might offer library wines with their tastings, but neither are offering any tastings at all. Any other wineries nearby that might allow tastings of library wines? Would HiFi sell older wines from local wineries (preferably by the glass)?

Eyrie is reopening their tasting room in the next week or two. Cameron isn’t open to the public. As far as other wineries are concerned, I think you’d just have to ask.

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It is maybe a half hour to the south of McMinnville, but you might try Evesham Wood. When I was there last year, they were pouring a 2013 and I know they have library wines for sale.

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If he does the Elevated Tasting at Brooks, there are always back vintage wines. You can also buy back vintage wines at the tasting room for Brooks, but if there is something specific, then I’d recommend emailing ahead of time as they have a warehouse in Salem and can get almost anything of theirs with a few days heads up

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We visited a couple of wineries that were pouring wines with that kind of bottle age, namely Goodfellow and JL Kiff. Marcus poured us two 2015s, though one was syrah, and it was all around a great visit.

JL Kiff is a tiny winery and the tasting is up at the vineyard. They poured a 2011 as well as several other vintages in the mid-2010s. Very nice people.

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Just checked with Eyrie and Hifi on the walk home. Eyrie is open Thursdays and Fridays for tasting and open Monday through Friday for bottle sales. Hifi has older wine in stock from a number of wineries, notably Panther Creek, Bethel Heights, Eyrie along with a number of others. I’m not sure if they only sell full bottles or if they would open something to taste. I know that they have, at times, used Coravin to open wines. I didn’t do a survey of Third Street tasting rooms, but I would imagine that a number of the establishments are pouring library wines.

Try Claygate in Ribbon Ridge. Just call ahead and ask about their 11’s and 12’s.

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Thank you for the information! Eyrie’s website still shows that they are closed, so this is great news.

The Carlton Winemakers Studio has a couple of producers making nice Riesling. Full Disclosure PROJECT M is one of them. Ridge Crest wines, Harry and Wynee Peterson-Nedry have been making top-notch riesling for a long time, and are also featured there. And if you like Pinot Noir… you couldn’t make a better stop.


Pinot Blanc, I would suggest Harper Voit. Drew Voit is on a mission to prove that Pinot Blanc should be considered a “Noble” variety.

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I haven’t been but wanted to visit as Martin Woods make a great Chard from Yamhill Valley Vineyards. Looks like they offer a Pinot vertical tasting.

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We just returned from our trip to the Willamette Valley, so thanks to everyone who offered suggestions in this thread. It made planning much easier. If you’re interested in where we ended up going, I posted a write-up in the Wine Tourism forum.