Willamette Valley Book Recommendations Anyone?

We’re heading to the Willamette Valley July 6 - 10. I’m looking for a good book to brush up on what’s what. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

You just don’t trust me do you? [1928_middle_finger.gif] [wow.gif]

Hell no man! Who does? [diablo.gif]

Hey, BTW - have you tasted Antica Terra? (Jus’ curious - I kan wate 4 the rest)

Your serious aren’t you…You really want to read a book?

Uh, well… my daughters don’t believe I could read a book. (They’ve never seen me do it.)

I promise I’d at least flip through it!

I’d go online - granted, you won’t convince your daughters that you can read a book, but you’ll get better, more up-to-date info than any book.

If you’re specifically looking for wine info:

If you’re looking for info on PDX and surroundings:
TripAdvisor, etc.

If you’re looking for specific recommendations (hotels, restaurants, bars, stuff to do) there are lots of folks here (excluding Phillip :wink: ) who can give some opinions.

Thanks Steve!
‘been surfin’. Thought I check the print media too.

When I get closer I’ll probably post one of those: “Going to Willamette, where should I go?” threads.

Ed, if I run across any good printed info, I’ll let you know. And when the time is right, we’ll be happy to provide info on personal local favorites as well.