Will you drink a bad wine because you can't stand the thought of pouring out something expensive?

There was a time when I used to suffer through bad wines because the price tag was pressuring me to do so. Nowadays, I’m finding I’m less and less concerned about how much money was spent, and more and more concerned over how much I truly enjoy the wine in my glass. What say you?


I rather have good wine ruin my liver than a bad one

Never. There is no such thing as a little corked.

Agreed… Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed. But down the sink (or in your case, toilet in need of a good scrubbing) it goes if flawed… regardless of the price.

I heard about this, as it was before my time. Was it really so bad as to warrant a sink dump? [wow.gif]

I have a quite broad definition of “acceptable”, so I have no problem pouring out something I just can’t stand. But thankfully I’ve only had to do that once in the last few months, either I’ve had good luck or am just a calculating buyer…

No. I have poured out plenty of wine.

Nope. Crap goes down the drain.

No Poured out a bottle of 2001 Sloan 2 weeks ago.

There was a time when I suffered through even cheap bad wines. No more. Down the drain. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Do I really want my last memory on this planet to involve drinking bad wine?

If it is just “bad” down it goes but if it is flawed (tca, brett, ect.) I see about getting a replacement or refund. I also don’t just pour a bottle down the drain as once in a while the wine comes arround.

Some bad bottles are worse than other bad bottles. I’ll drink something that’s not too far off.

No problem dumping out wine I do not like. Sometimes it horrifies others, but that’s the way it goes.

Don’t give it a second thought

No problem dumping flawed wine. Also no problem dumping bad wine that is not flawed. Life is too short. But I always let it sit overnight before dumping to see if it needed a day. in rare cases, that has rescued a wine I thought was bad.

No problem dumping wine I don’t like.


If it’s corked, it’s down the drain. If I don’t like it, I open something else immediately and monitor the other wine over the next couple of days. Had many a frog turn into a prince after 24 hours.

Ages ago, about eight years before I even discovered wine, some friends set me up with this woman who I both quite fancied and was also quite intimidated by, as she was smart, well cultured, and very opinionated. I cooked dinner for them, and during the meal the object of my affection deemed a particular bottle undrinkable.

I didn’t see anything wrong with the wine at the time and honestly don’t remember that far back to recall what flaw it may have been. But she made a face, got up in the middle of dinner, walked over to the sink, and dumped the decanter down the drain.

I remember being being quite smitten by that moment, and it played right into my perception of her. I mean here was a woman who just got up and dumped out wine that wasn’t good enough for her! What can’t she do!

Now I don’t even bat an eye. Down the drain it goes.