Wild Cherry - can it be smoked for Que?

We have a couple of very old, large wild cherry trees in our yard. They do not bear fruit of any kind. They don’t flower. These trees are thought of locally to be quite unstable as they enter old age. They are between 60-80 feet tall.

Over the weekend a moderate sized limb came down. It had rotted near its base. Much of the limb, which was probably 8-10" in diameter at its widest, was in good shape.

I sawed it up into disposable pieces about 2 feet in length, and put some of them aside to dry. I thought they might make good wood to put in the smoker, but I don’t know if wild cherry gives off an aromatic smoke of the kind that anyone would want to use for food.

Any thoughts on this among our Que Experts?


I don’t see why not. Almost any deciduous tree wood can be used for smoking and the only possible drawback would be that it’s too strong, but I can’t see it being stronger than mesquite.

It should be perfectly fine to use for smoking.

Thanks. Maybe I’ll set a few more pieces aside. It sure beats buying lump fruitwood to smoke.

I use Cherry in my smoker for ribs all the time. It’s not a wild Cherry, but I don’t see why not.

We burn wild cherry in the fireplace all the time. It burns nicely and smells good.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


I love this site!!

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BTW it should be fine. Should be real good on some pork.