Why sous vide?

1.5-4 hours.

Your Serious Eats link is a good read.

Thanks, my wife will not eat chicken breast. Mostly because 95% of the time it’s dry. Maybe I’ll try some of these breast recommendations.

If you’re going to Apo chicken breast I would use 100% steam.

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Is the difference based on thickness?

No, 90 minutes is plenty but you can go up to 4 hours without any loss of quality.

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No, 1.5 hours works for any piece of chicken, but if you are in a hurry/not in a hurry/want to prep something else, you can keep them there for 4 hours and you won’t notice the difference.


This is a good recipe, thanks

Chicken thighs can take the heat. At the higher temp, might get a different texture than at lower temps, but he’s only cooking them for 45 min.

I do breasts at 140-149 for 1-1.5hrs with salt, fresh tarragon and a little olive oil in the bag then seared or quickly grilled. I haven’t found a method I like more. I do the same with albacore (150), maybe with some dill instead, for half the time and it blows away traditional olive oil poached albacore, and only needs a few tablespoons instead of like 2+ cups.

See my response well upthread. Texture isn’t a “might”, it’s a “definite”. Thighs cooked to 140 have a texture most people would find really disgusting. The texture even at 160 can be somewhere between somewhat and quite offputting. So I’d say it’s not “can take the heat”, it’s “absolutely need the heat”.

ChefSteps/Breville announced a new immersion circulator, Joule Turbo, this week. Can sous vide your steak up to twice as fast, taking advantage of “delta-T” cooking principles (starting at a higher temp and then lowering as cook progresses). Kitchen devices are starting to get actually smart (not just having an app). Now they need to integrate it with GPT-4!

[Note, truth in advertising, I’m getting a free one as a beta tester, although that was 3 years ago, and it seems like they’ve taken it to the next level now.]

Perfect! For the sous vider in a hurry!


I look at drive through liquor stores in the same way. For the alcoholic on the go!


I can see the value in this. Will be interesting to see how it evolved. Presumably they can simply push through software updates as they improve things?

That said, traditional sous vide works well enough for me now. The time factor is easy enough for me to deal with now. Still, it’s cool to know that this exists and I’ll continue to follow it.

Yoiu can kinda fake it by starting at a higher temperature for part of the time, then dropping. With the heat capacity of the water and food (thermal mass), it wouldn’t be too different if work out an initial delta-T and time. Or you can take some time with a glass of bubbly and wait.


I was thinking the same thing. Start with boiling water and tah dah!

How does the hardware differ from the “regular” Joule? It seems they both have 1100W if I’m remembering correctly. So, what makes the Turbo, turbo?

Or, is this just a software update that we can use on our current models?

I use the delta-T concept all the time, but it’s not to speed the process up. Rather I use it to make sure the exterior critters are killed off before dropping the temp into a lower zone for longer. I doubt that matters at all, but it makes me feel better.

It’s the same price as the regular s/s joule. I’m not sure I need one with my APO and I prefer the APO for steak.

Apparently it will only work with the new app (the same app as for the Joule oven), and it involves both software and hardware differences (the beta test 3 years ago was only software).

The Turbo is 3 cm longer than the OG, but I haven’t got an answer as to what the hardware differences are that are contained in that 3 cm. Since Joule already determines your altitude to optimize its operation, I’m sure it’s something equally clever and hard to understand lol.

I remember Dave Arnold saying he cooks all his steaks this way.


LOL, I guess I do a “reverse delta-T” when I make sous vide pickles (extra crispy) the 140°F temp can make the seal on the mason jars weak, so at the end of the sous vide I briefly crank it up to 185°F to get a better vacuum seal!