Why is the Asylum Cycling thread Part 2 "unlisted"?

Don’t punish the rest of us for Alfert’s sins.

“This topic is unlisted; it will not be displayed in topic titles…”



Both threads are there, not sure why it says that - can you not read it?

Not visible to me unless I search for it and then click the link from the last post in the Part 1 thread.


I see you are the last to have posted in it, so not sure what you mean. If you look in Asylum (or ‘My Posts’) and click it what do you mean you can’t go to it?

It doesn’t appear in a title search either. I was looking for it yesterday and had to do the same as RT, go to the end of part 1 and click there.

It shows up on your Asylum list of thread titles…but I’m willing to bet that nobody else can see it that’s not an Admin.

It’s invisible, showing no threads between “Jazz” and “Lupus Cure?” on my list of Asylum threads.

Take a look at the weird little crossed out eyeball symbol on the upper left. Run your cursor over it for the message. Somebody put the thread on double secret probation.


Just searched cycling thread, and they both show up.

Nevermind, it was this thread that showed up

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I tried on a ‘test’ account, I don’t see it - let me check into that

EDIT: I notice it’s ONLY with Asylum. Here’s Wine Talk, admin account on the left, ‘test’ on the right - all the same

It appears that Brig “unlisted” it:

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check it now? i listed the topic. Maybe @brigcampbell was messing around and accidentally unlisted it when he meant to unpin it.

@brigcampbell dude!!! STOP

%*€# e-bikers.

That explains it.


Aha, here’s the thread…

Same issue with me, but after posting on Part 2 (to ask about the missing thread) it showed up as you would expect.

Is this thread still hidden for most? Or is there just zero love for the Vuelta?

(I’ve done the last 3 posts so computer says I can’t add any new ones there…)

It’s not hidden, just not getting any new posts. I’m behind watching Vuelta, mostly because it doesn’t record like the TdF did, so I have to remember to dial it up and watch it on Peacock.

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