Why Flannery Beef Uses Meat From Holstein Cows to Sell to Restaurants (video)

“At Flannery Beef, father-daughter duo Bryan and Katie Flannery specialize in dry-aging beef from Holstein dairy cows. “If you tell somebody to think of a cow, you’re going to think of a Holstein,” says Katie Flannery. “It’s going to be the black and white spotted cow.” But while Holsteins are mostly known as producers in the dairy industry, they’re less well-known for their meat — something the Flannerys are hoping to change.”

A fantastic video on Eater.com:
Why Flannery Beef Uses Meat From Holstein Cows to Sell to Restaurants - Eater


this is one of the most delightful videos i’ve ever seen. the chemistry between them is amazing. and her passion is infectious. love to see it. thanks for posting.

Even better - Jorges on sale

Great video and very nice sale.


One question I have after watching that is they mentioned 14-day aging, but the website we all order from says 30-35 days. Guessing they may have a different program for some restaurants?

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I’m guessing 14 day is a minimum they sell to restaurants, I’m sure the restaurants have the ability to order whatever age range they want.The 14 day is most likely the steak that non “Steakhouse” customers order.I would ask Katie or Bryan

Similar answer to Mike. Most restaurants likely don’t want the extended aging because the gen pop doesn’t want or expect that flavor profile. They want more of a straight beef flavor is my guess. Whereas those ordering online know the score with Flannery and they are ordering precisely because they want that profile.

They will accommodate specific requests if you prefer it one way or the other within reason.

Excellent video!

If you follow Flannery’s Instagram, they’ve been doing some additional short videos. The latest one looks at the effect of mold on dry aging.

@bryan_flannery and @katie_f are special people.

I just wish they would get a new CC processor.

I was in Whole Foods yesterday picking up my turkey, and the WF version of a Jorge (dry-aged chuck-end 2lbs) was sitting in the front of the tray calling my name. I started a conversation about their aging program with the guy helping me who looks like a kid but has been there for several years, and he tells me “hey I just saw this video about these folks with a great aging facility and varying amounts of aging and trying something after over a year”. I was like yep, that’s Flannery, best beef in the country, I am a regular customer. Very cool to me to see Flannery randomly getting respect from others ITB for this video.