Why Don't Restaurants List Wine Prices On Their Website

Very frustrating! Looking over their list they have a great selection of bottles, but without prices it doesn’t do me much good!

Ditto that. In fact, under those circumstances, I assume the prices are obnoxiously high, so I move on and pick a different restaurant.

Were going on vacation and this is my wife’s favorite restaurant. I’m assuming the prices are very high

Prices change a lot Steve - especially with restaurants that turn a lot of product. It’s a lazy way to show the wine list I agree, but many restaurants get “caught” with customers coming in and asking for “website” pricing on not only the wines, but current menu items.

It wouldn’t be that hard for the wine director to keep an accurate PDF file link to what’s current, but most find it too much work.

Or, the list is very overpriced.

I would settle for them keeping up to date with what’s currently on their list, even without the prices.

My guess

They don’t generally list prices for their menus either.

Haven’t run into that too often, very rarley


Was recently in Hawaii for 2 weeks and rarely when checking out menus/wine lists on line did we see any prices. Perhaps just an island thing.

Edited: The only one that did was Merryman’s.

Some do.

I was at a nice Italian restaurant tonight with a good wine list, but the list (in person) didn’t have any vintages. I know, it’s to give the winery flexibility, but how do you even look through and see these Italian wines with no vintage?

Could just be what Thomas said, too much work to constantly keep it up to date. A lot of places if you email them they’ll send you something.

If the list doesn’t include vintages it is not a “nice” restaurant.

Primary reason: Shame. They know they are gouging and don’t want that to be a disincentive to people dining there.

Around here most good restaurants either don’t bother to make a winelist available or they are accurate. Not a lot of tolerance for BS. (There are a lot of good lists in SF with reasonable prices. Just stay away from the hype machine places and find the just as good places that cater to locals.)

Nearly all these comments reinforce my contention that, when feasible, bring your own wine, pay the corkage, and rest assured in your selection. Even when we were in Maui a few months back, I was able to find a nice selection of Brewer-Clifton, DuMol, etc. I find most wines lists a crap-shoot.

Assume everything is thirty seven fifty!

With valet helicopter parking!


Just add a disclaimer in bold that availability and pricing changes call ahead if its a concern. NO legitimate reason not to publish pricing. If you’re afraid to publish your pricing, you need to revisit the markups.

That would make a lot of sense!