Why doesn’t search function return results in date order?

Preferred would be newest to oldest. What is the logic employed to list the order of results?

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Another vote for newest to oldest.

You can change the sort to most recent from advanced. By default it’s best match.


Correct - although same-day the search function results might, as I have seen, sort in the last order you changed it to. Not always, but sometimes it does do that - since I typically sort by ‘latest’ it’s handy, but there have been times I needed it by ‘most relevant’ as well.

Here are all the settings for search: (apparently if I slow the server down you’ll get your wish! :grin:)

Thanks for the tutorial on adjusting the settings

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So do you believe you have it set to default to chronological? Because I always have to go into advanced search and change it. Is there a setting I’m missing?

There’s no such setting system-wide, as you see above - often I’ve found the browser cookie CAN save your preferences, if you search several times same day, it can often remember and sort by date, but it’s random