Why can't we just order the wine in the size format we want it?

The Ridge 375 ml bottle cuties got me wondering why we cant just order it in the bottle size we would like it in. Pre-orders of course.

So, someone wants 10 liters in 500 ml bottles. 20 bottles right. Someone else wants one untapped barrel. Boom, done. Another person just wants 4 3 liter bottles. End of pre order and the winemaker tallies up all orders and knows how much to bottle in these various sizes, right? Then the rest he can format however.


Each bottle size involves special production costs.

The Geyser comes in halfs, standards and 1.5s. That doesn’t do it for you?

None of those work for me.

500 ml are best. Two glasses of wine in one evening. Either both for me or one for me and one for my girlfriend.

1 liter bottles are better than 750 ml. About 6 glasses vs 4.2 glasses. Very nice evening for two people with three glasses each.

Some of this has to do with alcohol content these days. If you are drinking 9-11/12% wine i suppose those formats work. But i tend to drink beasts over 13/14/15. %. The times they are a changing. Bigger wines may need different formats.

The other night i opened a 2010 Carlisle at 15.2% and tonight a 2012 Bedrock at 14.8%

Joe, if 375s, 750s, and 1.5s don’t work for you, perhaps you should consider a different beverage?


  • bottling lines have to be configured for bottle types. added cost/time for the winery to accommodate those setups.
  • labels have to be designed, submitted, approved, ordered, and produced for each size. added cost/time for the winery to get this sorted out.
  • getting customers to place pre-orders by a hard deadline can be a challenge.
  • these issues multiply exponentially by SKU. may not be a big deal for a producer who makes one Cab and one Sauv Blanc every year to do custom size by customer. much bigger issues when a producer does 5, 10, or 15 wines in a vintage.

that’s off the top of my head. i’m sure there are other issues related to purchasing glass and cork/closure, pricing, acquiring appropriate packaging for shipping, etc.

Next thing people will want is socks by size as well. When will it end?

I think we got spoiled by Rhys.


There are a number of good value German and Austrian wines in liter bottles.

Have you had too much of the Bedrock 14.8% or do you just not have any math skills. Your numbers don’t come close to adding correctly. [stirthepothal.gif]

Short answer Joe: because it will add costs to all bottle sizes.

If you buy futures of Bordeaux, you can order your wine in the bottle size you wish ranging from half bottles to large formats.

People will be asking for extra large condoms next.

Have you checked out a CoraVin system, or the other thing some one has cobbled together somewhere on this site?

Perhaps that will solve your troubles.

Quite healthy pours! I like your style! My wife often marvels at how quickly we can take down a bottle!

You could duct tape a 375 to each of your 750s… Based on the math above, I think that should get you exactly 1L per bundled unit!

Better yet - take three 500ml bottles and pour the contents into two 750s. You’ve turned 6 glasses into 8.4 glasses! Wine alchemy!

Joe, I’m genuinely curious how much you consider a glass.


I find box wine or jugs a good size, although I have seldom had from a box unless it was a case. Jugs were prefered back after college. They did not last longer than a 750 does now, so we bought a brace. [wink.gif]