Who's getting excited for shipping season?

Been cool here all week. Gets me in the mood for the Fall shipping season. Can’t wait ! flirtysmile

The forecast is 105 degrees here on Monday. We’re a LONG way off from shipping season.

I have to wait until late Nov/Dec

Depends. Do you define terrified as excited?

Wish it was shipping season. Half our wine storage room is full of wine to be ground shipped. 99 in Phoenix is a little high and the temps in the desert areas of CA, AZ and NM, (where the train tracks and Interstate 10 are located), are higher.

Most consistently hot summer in CA I can remember, I can’t recall more than a couple days since late May that have been under 80. Tons of wine stuck in the L.A. area that looks like will have to wait until late October to travel 500 miles.

Well, all my wines to be shipped are in the NW, so we have to have perfect storm of cool enough in the NW while not too cold in the interior. I’m hoping mid-October as I’ve been waiting on some of these puppies since this time last year…

At least a month here.

Most of the wine Ive ordered Im not planning to drink for years so for me its just a chance to fondle the bottles a bit before they go down for the long sleep.

Indeed. I had to bust out the space heater today! I’ve been thinking a lot about this in conjunction with some upcoming travel I have to do. Am oddly hoping no one ships anything for at least a couple more weeks.

The UPS delivery man chuckled when I came out front to sign for a package of books. He knew I had hoped for something different - the boxes with the squeaky Styrofoam.

hard part is trying to remember who owes me what.

did get a bunch today

87 here today (and humid)
MAYBE a few cases week after next but I’ll wait for the cross country stuff

Cellartracker pending deliveries is your best friend [cheers.gif]

+1 … but oh boy when it cools down do I have some good juice coming!

I am.
Some decent stuff looming; Regan Cabernet, Quivet CS, Myriad CS, Forman CS, Rivers-Marie CS, Kobalt CS, Corra CS, Bialla CS & Cornerstone PNV CS.
Oh yeah, 2 bottles of Clos Mimi Syrah to ‘round’ thing out.

I wonder how many of us will have some serious ‘splainin’ to do when our better halves see all the boxes arriving :astonished:

62 bottles pending with 24 more for people who split orders with me.

I’m spending a day in Oregon in October and my wife and I have 4 days in Napa/Sonoma in early December. Many shipping boxes in my future to count.


I may time my deliveries when my wife is on a business trip.

I do’t call it shipping season. I call it “where the hell am I going to put all of this” season.

My weather has been almost ideal for shipping, mid 70’s for highs with nice breezes…too bad all those states along the way aren’t cooperating!