Whole Foods 30% off Wine Sales (An era comes to an end)

Whole Foods does this 30% off wine sale on 6 bottles or more a couple of times per year. The first time they did this sale, a couple of years ago, if you bought 6 bottles the system also gave you an additional 10% off, so basically their prices are normally a little inflated, but at 37% off, for some of their wine, that was a steal!

Well they caught onto that one pretty quickly and made sure that you only got the 30% off the next time around. So then one time I reserved the wine, but could only pick it up the day after the sale. Well, they reset the cash register system the day after and when the 30% off price was manually entered into the register, if I bought 6 or more bottles, I still got the extra 10% off! Basically we’re talking BS Salmon Rose for $50 / S.O. Alex for $38 / and some others. Nothing super special, but still a hell of a deal!

So I planned on stocking up this last time around, but alas, they had figured out the system “glitch” and I only got a true 30% off.

Oh well. At least it was fun while it lasted!

Good luck to anyone that want to give this a shot at their local W.F.'s the next time their 30% off sale comes around!

I took the latest $20 off a $100 purchase coupon to Total Wine yesterday. I asked if that could combine with their discount on buying 6 bottles, and they said no, which didn’t surprise me. I picked up a mag of 09 Lanessan and two bottles of 10 La Vieille Cure, which totaled a little over $100. Not sure I ended up with that exciting of a savings, but what the hell, at least they’ll be good wines.

reminds me of anandtech forums and fatwallet forums shenanigans. =)

Andandtech… Lol

My daughter is an artist with the company so there is an additional discount available to me. [whistle.gif]