Who needs shippers?

I have a bunch of shippers at home. I’ll send them to anyone who needs them. I’ll even send them at my cost if it will enable them to not be thrown away but used again.

Also, I have some 12 bottle shippers where the styro is in good shape but the box is ripped. I can send that to someone in the biz or whatever if you are willing to use the insert in a new box.

If you’re giving them away, I’ll take what ever you have.

Rudy Ced
5715 Sadler Circle
Dallas, Texas 75235

I have a FedEx acct and don’t mind paying for shipping if you like. PM me and I’ll give you the number if you like.

Thanks and let me know if I can help out in any way.

I am on my way out the door now, but I’ll send you a PM by the weekend and we’ll work this out. Thanks!!!

Shoot - send me any leftovers!


I have a decent number of shippers (at least 10 case shippers, probably more - along with some smaller sizes) you can have (free, of course) and I don’t live far from your address. I’m in Univ. Park, just a little south of NW Hwy. & Preston. I was just about to throw some of them out when I saw your post.

I’ll be around this weekend if you want to grab them.

I sent you a PM.


send me your address and any special requests you have (half bottles, sizes, etc) and I’ll ship some to you. I’ll ship the rest to Rudy.

I will do you one better…in order to not make the shippers totally useless, go ahead and throw some bottles of 2000 Bordeaux in there and ship to me…this help you out big time and you won’t feel so guilty.

…or…something. [foilhat.gif]

No problemo Dan. Just keep waiting… [snort.gif]

OK guys, sorry for the mild delay. I had to sort through everything but the shippers are good to go and I will be sending them out shortly. At least with empty shippers, you don’thave to worry about weather and temps!! [smileyvault-ban.gif]