Who Needs J. Gilman?: Let's Start Our Own List of Classics < $60

Passopiciaro Nerello Masacarese
Occhipinti Frappato
Juge Cornas
Keller GGs (you have to look, but you can find them)
Franck Balthazar Cornas
Metras Fleurie and Moulin-a-Vent
Boxler Riesling
Trimbach Riesling CFE
Belluard Mondeuse

Don’t like being a killjoy, but the Forlorn Hope wines are not way classic. They are unusual, and often interesting, but also frequently failures.


What about Pegau in “off-vintages”? Often under $60 and a classic style I would think. The Saint Cosme Saint Josephs are pretty wines and certainly speak of Northern Rhone Syrah. For $30-35 this is an affordable taste of the north. Then there’s Tempier in Bandol. I’ve liked the Galantin wines as well although without much age. (Okay now I digress into values rather than classics). Domaine Ilarria in Irouleguy - blew my mind for the price at <$20 and definitely a classic.

Tempier is a great call. I find the Cosme St Joe’s too burnt for my palate, very modern as well. I should have had Tempier on that list, a classic for sure.

PYCM 1er cru St Aubin

Agree on Tempier. No longer enjoy St. Cosme, as it is too modern.

Interesting on the Cosme Saint Joseph - last we had (2011) was all raspberry, black currant fruit with iron, laurel and chicory. (Which I could see being burnt - think Cafe du Monde, New Orleans Coffee). I liked it a good deal and while it had plenty of weight it was in the 13%ish range.

Oregon Pinots
Belle Pente Murto and Estate Reserve
Bethel Heights Flat Block
Brickhouse Dijonnais
Cameron Abbey Ridge
Crowley La Collina
J. Christopher Dundee Hills, Abbey Ridge
Matello Souris
PGC Estate Reserve, Balcombe 1B
Westrey Abbey Ridge

And lots more


I started to write out a full list but it gets really long really fast. So some of my pet favorites in just Burgundy are the following, and this is not complete – and the list would multiply significantly once you get to other areas of France and Italy, and in Germany all the wines I buy are less than $60. Some of the below creep over $60 but all can be had for less than $60 if you’re careful:

PYCM St. Aubin 1ers, Chassagne ‘Ancegnieres’, and Meursault Narvaux
Billaud-Simon 1ers and GCs
Fevre 1ers and occasionally GCs
Carillon Puligny AOC

Bize, Pavelot, etc. SLB 1ers
Bachelet CdnV
Jadot, Bouchard, Drouhin Beaune 1ers
Jadot Rugiens and Boudots
Faiveley Nuits 1ers
Billard-Gonnet Pommard 1ers
Dublere Volnay 1ers
Chevillon & Gouges NSG AOC (sometimes Gouges Porrets and lesser Chevillon 1ers)
Jadot Corton GCs (occasionally can be found on sale for less than $60)
Pousse Volnay 1ers
D’Angerville Volnay 1er

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Chandon de Briailles
Pierre Morey Monthelie
Charlopin Monthelie
PYCM villages Meurault or premier cru St Aubin
Bouchard Beaune du Chateau
Lafon Macons
Drouhin St. Veran
Ridge Geyserville or Lytton Springs
Ridge Klein
Matthiason Chardonnay
Albert Mann
Rheinhold Haart
Von Schubert
Christian Moreau

I have traditionally loved Jadot and have lots of Jadot, including most recently 2010 Corton Pougets for $70. But, I have not tasted Jadot since their new winemaker took over so for me right now they are a risk.


Howard - you can not say $70. Not allowed.

A lot of mine have already been hit here so I’ll add:

Everything Andrew Will except Sorella
Woodward Canyon Artist Series
St innocent

Interesting. Never tried a single one. Only heard of two. What’s the style?

If not mentioned, Mount/Domaine Eden comes to mind. The Estate Cabernet should be under $60 at retail.

I was planning on nominating both of these, though I haven’t had a Clos du Mont Olivet for a spell-- used to be my “house” southern Rhone for ~$25 and it can/could age nicely.