Who knows a Northern Rhône producer with a broad lineup?

We’re going to Lyon in a few weeks and will most likely only have time for a single visit, preferably in or around Ampuis but not much further from Lyon than that.

Does anyone know a producer who makes both reds and whites?

Having been to Bourgogne, Alsace and Champagne a number of times I hope to get an opportunity to learn more about Northern Rhône. Someone must know something :slight_smile:

Chapoutier and Jaboulet Aine - both major firms with a wide range of local appellation stuff -

Yves Cuilleron makes a wide selection of red and whites, really nice guy as well

Thanks! Do you think such big producers would accept private visits?

Don’t trust the local importers to make an appointment for you - 50% of the time they forget or just won’t do it for consumers (unless you are a retailer or restauranteur) -

E-mail them direct, and tell them the times you are available - if you don’t hear from them back - send it again and again - these bigger firms usually have set times on their tours - so it won’t be hard just reserving a spot on one of those tours - good luck -

Thanks! I really like the more private tastings when it’s just you and the winemaker so I think I’ll try to seek out a smaller producer. Hopefully someone knows someone not too far from Lyon.

If you do find a small producer and get smitten, you’ll have decades of fond memories.

Guigal is the obvious one in Ampuis.

Exactly! Each and every tasting with vignerons in Bourgogne, Alsace and Champagne has rewarded us with just that. The search continues.

All in Tain
Jaboulet and Chapoutier have store fronts you can walk in and taste.
For the Jaboulet Chapelle tasting (3 wines 50 Euro) you can reserve ahead of time as well as eat lunch at the store front. This was the only place in the Rhone Valley I had to pay to taste.
Chapoutier will also take a reservation and do a tour at the bottom of the vineyard. Since I was a big fan of their wines they let me taste a couple of expensive ones including the Pavilion.
Delas was the best of the three. Tour of the domaine followed by a long lineup to taste back at the store, including Tourettes and Bessards Hermitage.

In Ampuis Guigal was closed when we went but went to Jamet (which was brief) and Rostaing and tasted about 4 or 5 wines.

Great info, thanks! Tain is too far from Lyon but I see that Rostaing is in Ampuis and that he makes both reds and whites, I think I’ll send him an email and see if he’ll accept us. Fingers crossed!

Not sure how big a range they have, but Domaine Des Remizieres do both red and white Hermitage, so might also do other wines to give the larger range you were looking for. Not too pricey either.

Eric Texier

e-mail sent, not about a small producer.

Dan Kravitz

Yves Cuilleron
Pierre Gaillard

A little further from Ampuis, but only 10-15 minutes and with fabulous elevated views of the Rhone, Domaine Faury is a great visit.

Andre Peret has a range of both reds and whites (more whites, but a couple of reds).

Second the recommendation of Yves Cuilleron. Another option could be Francois Villard.
Only issue might be that as these guys work vineyards spread far from Côté Rôtie to Saint Peray they might be tricky to nail down for a meeting…

René Rostaing is a great guy, but he has only one white Northern Rhone (Condrieu La Bonette) … and also he has retired and his son Pierre is in charge now (who has very littel time usually).
However if René is available - always worth the visit …

You might also try Stephane OGIER, he has more whites and many reds … and his new state of the art cellar (just south of the Ampuis border) is marvallous: http://www.stephaneogier.fr

I’ve visited Jamet, Grin and Gaillard.

if looking for a broad lineup, Gaillard qualifies.