Who Is #2 Behind DRC?

Which Red Burg Producer Is #2 Behind DRC? Pick One

  • 1. Rousseau
  • 2. Mugnier
  • 3. Dujac
  • 4. Roumier
  • 5. Bachelet
  • 6. D’Angerville
  • 7. Lambrays
  • 8. Mugneret Gibourg
  • 9. Cathiard
  • 10. Barthod
  • 11. Clos des Tart
  • 12. Arnoux
  • 13. Fourrier
  • 14. Clavelier
  • 15. Lamarche
  • 16. Vogue
  • 17. Dugat Py
  • 18. Claude Dugat
  • 19. Leroy
  • 20.Chevillon
  • 21. Gouges
  • 22.Drouhin
  • 23. Jadot
  • 24. Lafarge
  • 25. Meo Camuzet
  • 26. Ponsot
  • 27. Potel

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Which of These red Burg producers is #2 behind DRC? For me its a tough choice between Mugnier and Rousseau. I chose Mugnier for excellence accross the vineyard range by a hair and maybe I like his Chambolles a touch more. #4 is Dujac for me.

Currently, over the past 10 years, 30 years, 50 years or 100 years?


Sounds like you are assuming that everybody thinks that DRC is #1

Leroy, Dujac then Rousseau due to the combination of quality and the breadth of Leroy’s portfolio over the other two.

I think I would get clobbered by most Burgheads if I didn’t assume it. My single best Burg experience to date was a "99 LaTache. On the otherhand, for me personally, I’d rank Mugnier or Rousseau #1. I wasn’t sure how to go on this but “assumed” most people put DRC at the top in sole 1st place.

Agreed that you would get the verbal beatdown…but I wonder how many people who will comment on this thread have actually had DRC (more than just a taste) to make that assumption.

Personally, I would choose the following (in no specific order) Rousseau, Roumier, Liger-Belair (Vicomte), Cathiard, Faiveley (making big strides over the past few years), Ponsot, Muginer, etc…

yeah,I would think that DRC’s perch would be generally unassailable,and Leroy’s amount of numerous vintages with super quality would come next…but I’ve got to go with Rousseau as #2…just a personal preference,and the result of a love affair of many,many years…

“Best” is a hard word to use regarding producers in general since so much depends on the quality Terroir they have. Is DRC so well regarded because of winemaking chops or superior vineyard source material? When it comes to Echezeaux, RSV and Richebourg Im not sure there is consensus that there are well ahead of the pack or even ahead of the pack in all cases. Having La Tache and RC as exclusives makes a huge difference in how they are regarded.

Don’t mean to critisize the poll, its a fun discussion but one with lots of nuance.

I picked Mugnier with Roumier being a close second. I don’t have much experience with Rousseau though. That just judging on ultimate effective quality. If I had to pick my favorite to buy I would pick Drouhin for high quality up and down the classification levels.

Wait a minute, I thought Domaine Serene was #1 [rofl.gif]

As I’ve only tasted DRC on at most a dozen occasions -which ranged from extremely impressive to outright epiphanies- I am hardly qualified to make blanket statements on this subject. My olfactory experiences with Leroy are even more limited, but despite that I feel the sheer broadness of their portfolio and universally high scores bestowed on them by all critics leaves little choice as for whom to pick for this poll.

Can it be over $50? pileon

I would put DRC and Leroy as co #1s, with
#3 Rousseau
#4 Dujac
#5 Ponsot
#6 Domaine Leflaive (they make Burgundies, too!)

What are the criteria?

Certainly, by the esteem of posters on a wineboard like this, DRC is “#1”…but…

is that the question?

The #1 Burgundy producer is the producer whose wine you happen to catch at the perfect moment to drink - timing often trumps the producer-vineyard-vintage trinity or the even more dangerous producer-producer-producer myth.

Quality makes for a fertile bed for luck

Agree 100% with this

Rousseau changed my outlook on burgundy, so i have to put them up there. The nose on Leroy is unparalleled. Dujac is also pretty stunning. And the white burgs of Leflaive slay me…

ugh i’m horrible at making decisions.

I’ve wondered if Rousseau is really that good, or if they’re less subject to timing giving them an advantage.

i’m surprised to see so many votes for rousseau. i love the top wines (who doesn’t?) and they are usually reference standards for their vineyards, but the bottom half of the portfolio doesn’t come close to other producers. which to my mind means that he’s under-performing given his holdings.

i have much more experience with dujac than leroy, but i’d put them right next to each other for #2 spot. that said, i think dujac is probably best positioned today to be the greatest domaine in burgundy when you consider the breadth of the portfolio.

DRC is in a good spot because they’re widely considered the best and their 2 best wines are monopoles. I think the discussion gets interesting when you consider their other 4 grand crus.