White Burgundy...the ultimate wine to pair with soft and strong cheese?

I have tried practically every kind of white wine to go with strong camembert, brie, and other strong soft cheeses and have had very poor results so far. The other night when I opened a 2004 Girardin Meursault, it was a magical pairing with the strongest Camembert you could imagine (Herve Mons from Whole Foods).

Do the more experienced folks here think white burg is the perfect companion for strong soft cheese, or should I be looking elsewhere?


Maybe not “more experienced” but I definitely think that White burg is the go-to for soft cheeses, especially the smelly ones like Epoisses, Chambertin, etc. Had a 99 Leflaive Meursault Charmes last week with a cheese course. The wine had been opened a few hours and was really singing and worked very well with the cheese, and that’s not the first time that pairing has worked for me.

Absolutely, though I do find Sancerre/Pouilly Fume marries beautifully to goat cheese. But my go-to wine for cheeses of most types (not all), is either White Burgundy or BdB Champagne. Both have the acidity to cut through the fat of the cheeses and really make things shine.


Agree with Sancerre and goat. I also think that Muscadet does well with goat. As regards BdB, I have had poor results with camambert, brie etc…leaves a weird taste, unlike the white burgs…to each his/her own.

Cow cheese like camembert or epoisses, I prefer white burgs (or chard in general), I’ve had very good results with Saint Veran or Pouilly-Fuisse. I think most of the wine from CdB are maybe aiming too high for cheese. That also works for me with many types of cheese, including the hard ones (comté and so on).

Goat cheese and sauvignon blanc (typically Sancerre) or viognier (from Ardeche for example).

Munster with gewurtztraminer.

Red wine with Saint Nectaire is about one of the only exceptions to the white wine + cheese pairing.

A nice Baumard savennieres is also an awesome match IMO.

Definitely agree re white Burg; and with Sancerre/Pouilly-Fumé with goat cheese as well.


Verduzzo with a little RS is the ultimate match for most strong, soft cheeses. It’s just such an exciting flavor experience.