White Bord Hunter: 2005 Château La Louvière Blanc..$9.99

Check your local Grocery Outlet! Looks like pretty good reviews for this white from the Pessac-Léognan. Anyone have it? I will check one out tomorrow…maybe a load up for a cheap summer sipper!

Screw cap too!

my local GO has had it for the past few months, priced at $20ish for the 05 and $18 for the 04. They recently dropped it to $9.99 and I grabbed a bottle. Good but not great, worth the $10 but not sure I would buy more.

OTOH, they do have the 06 rouge at $18, I am waiting for them to hopefully drop that as they have been sitting on a few cases for months.

They must have made a boatload of this and have issues clearing it through the sales channels. I bought a case of this in 2008 for $15ish, IIRC. It’s ok, but I’m not going to go try to locate any more, even at $10. If you need a solid white cooking wine and apertif, this is fine enough. You can probably do as well with a grab-bag of other similarly-priced whites if you have a shop that focuses on value selections in your area.


Geez, great price. Too bad no Grocery Outlet stores even remotely close to me