Which young winemakers/wineries are you keeping tabs on?

For me, this is part of the fun of the wine hobby. Among others, I’m paying close attention to:

  • Cris Cherry, Villa Creek, Paso Robles
  • Dave Corey, Core, Santa Barbara
  • Bradley Brown, Big Basin, Santa Cruz Mountains
  • The Cabots, Cabot, Humboldt County
  • Susan Marks and Jonathan Lachs, Cedarville, Sierra Foothills, El Dorado County

This group is doing some fine things in some interesting places!

Andrew Vingiello - A.P. Vin
Mike Smith - Myriad/Quivet etc.
Jeff Ames - Rudius/Tor etc.
Craig Strehlow - Keefer Ranch
Jamie Kutch - Kutch

Great list! Andrew, Mike, Jeff and Jamie are on mine as well (man do I need to cut back)!

Aside the others mentioned,

Helen Keplinger
the Anthill Farms boys
Shane Finley

Florida Jim

I will be watching that hip cat Scott Manlin…although he ain’t a spring chicken.

I’m actually serious.

Ray Walker!

Good call, Dain!!! [welldone.gif]

Excellent winemakers!

My list, in addition to Jeff Ames, Bradley Brown, Helen Keplinger, John Cabot, would include:

Kurt Beitler (Boheme)
Mike Hirby (Relic, Realm, Sherwin, et al)

I’m never sure of what someone else means by “young,” but here’s a list of California winemakers who seem young to me whose work I particularly follow:

Erich Bradley - Audelssa, Sojourn
Ed Kurtzman - Roar, August West, Freeman
Greg Bjornstad - Bjornstad
Jeff Pisoni - Pisoni, Baton
Shane Finley - Shane
Eric Lundblad - Ladd Cellars
Nicole Abiouness - Abiouness
John Cabot - Cabot

All that are listed so far are great . I would like to add Loren Sonkin.
He may not be really young but he younger than me so that makes him a youngster

I’ll second Ray Walker. Definitely an interesting and different story.

Not sure what you mean by ‘young’ either, but here are a few more from my area that should get notice:

Mikael Sigouin - Beckmen / Kaena
Blair Fox - Fess Parker / Epiphany
Sasha Moorman - Stolpman / Piedrassi
Jonathon Nagy - Byron / IO / N2
Mark Horvath - Kenneth Crawford

There are PLENTY more to add just from this area, but I’ll leave it at that more now!


Another vote for Ray Walker at Maison Ilan.
Brandon Sparks-Gillis and John Dragonette at Dragonette Cellars (surprised this one has not been mentioned yet).
Loren Sonkin - Sonkin Cellars.
Roy Piper - 7 Stones et al.
Jeff Ames - Rudius / Tor.

Some great “young” winemakers listed so far.

If Scott names his wine “Turd Ferguson”, I’m in for a case.

It’s a funny name.

I feel challenged to come up with something different. If we define young as a name less than 10 years ITB then my current choices are
Anthill Farms
Tablas Creek
Wind Gap, maybe.

I have to admit that there are many good suggestions from mailers I’ve dropped.

Daughters of Tom Dehlinger…

enough said.

I can’t argue with that T-Bone.

To not be repetitive, I will not recite the above mentioned, but would add;
McPrice Myers- McPrice Myers Wines & Barrel 27 [thumbs-up.gif]