Which wineries sell mailing list details and which dont

I am now buying or have bought from at least a dozen California wineries over the last five years, recently i am being aggressively targeted by wineries and mail flyers, this can be emails, snail mail or more annoyingly telephone hasslers. Some of these are chasing cheaper commodity wines others higher end wines, for example Etude called today despite me never having been on the list of showing any interest.

So who is selling our contact details ?

I deal with mostly smaller wineries, and never have this issue. So I can clear Rhys, Ceritas, Edmunds St. John, Lagier Meredith, Tercero, Idlewild, Dirty & Rowdy and a bunch more!

Maybe people just like to sell you wine.

Just a wild guess that you subscribe(d) to the Wine Speculator and/or have participated in its sponsored sandbox. Or its cousin, the Carcinogen Aficionado.

Could be retailers too, if you use some type of customer reward card.

Cant see Etude calling every wine spectator subscriber, im thinking this is one of the Napa wineries

Sorely doubt Ridge sells details. Not to mention Ridge is based in the SCM. You have no basis to accuse them.

No way it’s Ridge.

This is just unjustified speculation. Proof, or retract/delete. Really irresponsible.

I’ve never seen a guy so tortured by the task of buying allocated CA wines as Alan. Every day it’s something new. Morbidly entertaining - gotta say, this one caught me off guard.


We have been buying Ridge wines for many years with no issues regarding our name or email address being given or sold to other wineries.


I didn’t interpret his comment asking about the possibility that Ridge might be involved as accusatory.

Im on at least thirty lists. I have bought from about 15 of them. Five i am done with. Ten i am still waiting to here back from. And i dont get any extra mailings, spam, emails etc from anyone i dudnt put myself onto their list.

If I started to receive lots of unsolicited offers out of the blue, I’d wonder where along the line I checked (or failed to uncheck) a box asking if I wanted to receive offers from like-minded companies.

For what it’s worth, whether the Ridge comment was intended to be accusatory, or not, that’s how it came across to me.

Sheer speculation but there are large number of wineries being bought up by some of the majors. Examples might be Jackson Family, William Foley, Treasury Wine Estates, Constellation, etc. It would make sense that if you signed up or bought from one of their wineries, they may contact you offering other wines in their portfolio or as in this case, have the logical winery contact you personally showing their “personal” customer service.

Maybe he was referring to this winery:

Seriously, there are lots of way one’s email ends up in the spam world, but I don’t think the wineries you’re buying from are selling them. Besides, why would one winery want a bunch of other wineries contacting its customers?

I confess , it’s Bu3ker ! neener [snort.gif]

I concur with Randy, as I have been on many lists…most recently received an offer from Joel Peterson’s new effort and I have never been on one of Joel’s lists (Morgan’s yes, but Joel, no.). [cheers.gif]

Btw - I have been on Ridge for a while and I would never suspect Ridge. Maybe Alan should provide us a list of his twelve or so wineries so WE can speculate! champagne.gif

How in the world could it NOT be construed as accusatory??? It was total BS. If it wasn’t accusatory, then why the hell bring it up with no basis?

The topic itself is accusatory, too, since it’s a wild assumption that it was a winery in the first place.

Allow me to be blunt:

An accusation; “Ridge is responsible for this.”

A question: “Do you think it’s possible that Ridge is responsible?”

Now, if those seem the same to you, then my point is lost.