Which wine region would you live in?

Wife and I sitting around on a lazy Sunday talking about summer vacations and places to retire. Got me to thinking, if you could live in a wine region, any one around the world, which would you choose and why? I’m thinking Piedmont or Tuscany…great wines, great food, lots to see, good jumping off spot to the rest of Europe.

Wien would probably be the easiest for me but on the other hand Provence would be an awfully attractive option.

Alto Adige!!

Good choice, can’t beat the view.

Two come to mind immediately, many more exist, I am sure.

Savoie, Annecy
Burgundy, Beaune

The Napa Valley, since we currently live 50 miles away!

Gigondas or Provence in general. Great food, great scenery, great wines, great little towns.

Burgundy for the wines, Provence for the lifestyle, Hemel-en-Aarde for the views.

Tuscany or Provence would be nice.

Well I live in Bordeaux…

If not here probably the Mosel.

San Sebastián area … the food, the surf, the lifestyle

I second that. I was in San Sebastián in late January and fell in love with the city.

Probably Alsace, Colmar would be amazing. Great other small towns, French and German influence, Strasbourg for a medium size town. Proximity to Frankfurt and Paris for big city needs.

Langhe, just outside Serralunga, in my summer house :slight_smile:

I’ve been to all of my favorite wine regions, and for sure, Provence would be where I’d reside. A truly gorgeous place, and relatively close to many things.

Savoie - close to Geneva, mountains
Marche - close to the sea, quieter than Tuscany
Finger Lakes - great views, quiet life, affordable
Sure there are many areas of Spain, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria that could easily compete for love too.

Cinque Terre.

I wouldn’t mind waking up every morning with the fantastic view and within 1 hour or so from Tuscany.

Tuscany closely over Piemonte…just because it’s easier to get around.

Orches, small town in Burgundy…

I would rather live where I live and visit wine regions. Does anyone remember travel and vacations?