Which wine figure would you NOT want to have dinner with?

OK, a bit catty, but …

Which wine figure – past or present – would you NOT want to break bread with?

Not going there.

Fred Franzia

Okay …

Let’s just say I’m not a fan of excessible ballin’

Funny… I was gonna say Hillary!!! :slight_smile:

The owner of the Austrian winery which added Propylene Glycol to their wines a while back. [diablo.gif]

Trump and Hilary are now wine figures? [shock.gif]

Trump owns a winery. http://www.trumpwinery.com/ Hillary does not

I thought his son Eric owned the winery.

Trump Winery (formerly “Kluge Vineyard and Estate”) is a Virginia winery situated on Trump Vineyard Estates in Charlottesville, VA. The vineyard was purchased by American business mogul Donald Trump in April 2011[1] and was officially opened in October 2011.[2] President Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, oversees everything from winemaking and marketing to global distribution and sales.[3] In 2016, during his presidential campaign, Donald Trump claimed that he owned 100 percent of the winery.[4] Despite these claims, he no longer owns Trump Winery as he gave it to his son Eric.[5][6]

Thanks for the update, Neal.

Alice Feiring. I imagine conversation would be painful.

At least there would be a natural flow to the conversation.

I personally would not like to have dinner with the winemaker known as Voldemort.

So disappointed. 13 whole posts before she came up? You guys are slipping.

Hannibal Lecter

I dunno, I hear good things about the fava beans.

Mouton’s Aile d’Argent. I was hoping to find a cheaper version of Haut Brion blanc, Laville Haut Brion. dumb dumb dumb.



I don’t get the reference; is Voldemort a nickname for the winemaker who went all junk yard dog on you here? If so, me neither.