which windy oaks club to join?

living about 45 minutes away I’m surprised I don’t drink more of their wines or visit them. so time to ante up. For those of you who know their wines, which would be the best club option to join? cost is not an issue, only quality and broadest variety. Of course I will buy more after trying but want to be able to taste the broadest selection across all price ranges.

thanks in advance.


OPTION 2 - PINOT PREFERRED, Reserve (1/3) & Cuvée (2/3)

OPTION 5 - PINOT PREFERRED, Includes pinot noirs on Limited Release, and will always include at least one Reserve.

I’d suggest 2 or 5 - they will provide you with the superb Reserve (which needs cellar time), and the earlier drinking Cuvee. A good starting point.

The club shipment has a 12% discount built in if I remember correctly. Other purchases are 20% off. Depending on what you want to buy, you can do some math and save a few dollars.

Probably your best bet is to do the Option 2 and then buy additional limited releases as you like. That’s what I do.

Since you seem to buy wine by the case (which I’m jealous of btw), Cary’s strategy would be the best. Pick one option and backfill with extra orders to get 20% off, which is a bit better than the Wine Group discount.

Also like Cary, I like Option 2, since that assures that I have at least 4 Reserve and 8 Cuvees every year. The Cuvees are the perfect cellar defender against the temptation to hit the Reserves early, and IMO they’re comparable in quality to the Reserve.

Note that WO follows a fairly aggressive oak regime, so if you’re sensitive to oak definitely let them rest or you might be disappointed. However, with a little bottle age, the oaks seems to integrate nicely, and based on the notes of others (I only have WO back to 2006), the Reserve becomes amazing after 5 to 7 years. I wonder if WO might be an exception to Paul Gallli’s premise that CA pinot does not improve after 7-10 years?

I would also choose option 2 ( which is what I have been in)

You can also call Judy before each release and substitute other wines with your order. ( don’t tell anyone I told you that)

Option 2…the cuvees are fabulous early and continue to get better.

I went with option 5


I also go with #2. it’s great to be able to pick up in person but that usually means that you go home with more bottles then you intended. Don’t overlook the ‘one acre’ Chardonnay.