Which Washington wine are you drinking?

Well you don’t have far to travel, between Silverdale and PT, to get away! Must be nice. Let’s do something when convenient. Maybe even plan a Northern Olympic Peninsula (NOP) tasting on the offline section. We’re traveling for the next week and won’t have great service so it I may be mostly out offline for a few days. Cheers


I would consider heading out to the peninsula for some nice wine… :-0)

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Hell yes. I have a client that lives in PT, so I could make it a “business trip!”

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Couple rounds at Discovery Bay and a tasting…hmmmm

Be careful what you put out in the universe Steve!


Sure @Steve_Costigan! We actually were camping IN Sequim/Diamond Point. Our first trip to the area and we loved it. These were just part of the oysters I sampled and we enjoyed Salty Girls and Sunshine Cafe in Sequim.

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I’m a bit of a lurker here, but live between Seattle and Tacoma and we are in PT twice a year and are scoping it for retirement. Would love to participate in a meet up in that area.

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1993 Foris Cabernet Sauvignon Klipsun vineyard, red mountain, WA

14.1% ABV

Label in rough condition, but wine pretty high neck. Looked promising.

At steakhouse in Honolulu. The restaurant was featuring 2019 Klipsun; so this was an interesting contrast. Cork opened clean and put in decanter gently.

Color a deep purple squid ink. No signs of bricking or age.

Nose with signature Washington blackberry & blueberry. Secondary notes of tobacco, smoke, cinnamon and a bit of anise.

Taste - a vibrant fruit forward wine, even at 31 years. This could be a wine that is 2 years old. Fruit forward, lively, youthful. The only signs of aging are a bit more smokyness than on a young red mountain. Not sure on the oak treatment, but it is pretty integrated at this point. Some tertiary unami that goes well with the steak.

If I had another bottle, I’d hold another 10-20 years yet. Lots of life left.



Super interesting wine Ross.

Never found Foris to be much more than passable, but all the wines I have had were in 2000’s and I can’t recall any vineyard designates. This would have been the 7th or 8th harvest at Klipsun and a lot of those grapes would have been 5th or 6th leaf.

Thanks for sharing a cool piece of history.

Wow! What a cool bottle. It just goes to show that great vineyards produce great fruit that, even in the hands of winemakers that didn’t always make memorable wines, the fruit source wins out.

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Very nice note Ross. I have been drinking some of these older Washington wines I’ve picked up on WineBid. Some were meh, but many were drinking great. I really enjoyed a 1992 David Lake Cab from Columbia last month.


Purchased on release, popped tonight for daughter’s 21st.

Those old Columbia David Lake wines are terrible…please stop bidding on them and talking about them.



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Sold all mine. How was it…it was rambunctious on release.

Just opened. Heavy tobacco, chocolate on the palate, some cherry sucret that I’m hoping mellows out. A little tight (make a surprised face), have a couple of hours to go.

Edit (three hours later): reductive / tobacco funk blew off, much more enjoyable wine. I don’t see this as a 100 pointer, but it did go well with Painted Hill prime NY strips. I’ve got several 2007s socked away for the other daughter , which we’ll start getting into next year and then compare.

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Similar to what I’ve heard from others. Great wine for sure. 100 points or the best Washington wine by a mile? Not really.

Somewhat matches the joke I’ve heard some winemakers make. Great vineyard, great winemaker, great vintage… Pick two out of three and you can make excellent wine.

The 2003 young was very fruit forward and almost spiritous on the nose like Port. Good to hear it has settled down a bit.

Quilceda Creek never appealed to me. Some of those old David Lake wines were brilliant.


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1984, 1988, 1989, 1994-1996 QC are all worth trying. The flavors got ratcheted up in 1998, nature intervened in 1999 with a very cool vintage, then bigger wines from 2000 on.

Recently back from a trip to Woodinville, Yakima and Walla, Walla. Plan to put down some thoughts on the whole experience in a different thread, but I will say the tastings at DeLille, Woodward Canyon, Force Majeure and Pursued by Bear were highlights.

Wines of the trip were the Force Majeure 2021 Red Mountain Cab, Force Majeure 2021 Syrah Walla Walla (honestly all of the FM wines could be on the list), DeLille Harrison Hill 2016 (the 2016 Chaleur Estate should also be included), No Girls Tempranillo 2019, Woodward Canyon 2021 Artist Series and the Woodward Canyon 2022 Barbera for an incredible pasta pairing at Passatempo. Agree with many above that the Pursued by Bear Bear Cub is an incredible value. Lots of other great wines to discuss including some great international pours from the Thief Shop.

Just an incredible opportunity to travel through Washington, eat well, drink well and create some memories and experiences. Look forward to sharing.