Which Washington wine are you drinking?

Yep. 12x750ml.

Finished off a bottle of 2015 Chester Kidder tonight. Enjoyed, but happy it was a gift.

  • 2011 Cadence Bel Canto Cara Mia Vineyard - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Red Mountain (4/12/2024)
    P&P but breathed in the glass for 30 min before digging in. This 84% cab franc (balance 8% merlot 8% P Verdot) from a coolish vintage was surprising last night. No surprise that it was an impeccably crafted, elegant take on Bordeaux varietals that Cadence does so well. More so that I forecasted more green cab franc elements (bell pepper, tobacco etc) but instead, this was very plummy, with enticing flesh that is both floral and rich in texture mimicking a Bordeaux proper but still clearly a high end WA red. Light on its feet, effortless to drink, and well worth enjoying this now and over the next few years. I wouldn’t risk long term cellaring on this one, which is no knock, lovely red. (93 points)

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  • 2012 Full Pull & Friends Cabernet Sauvignon Bacchus Vineyard - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (4/14/2024)
    This is at peak. Not decanted. Excellent fruit still and no noticeable alcohol as a previous taster noted. Excellent representation of WA Cabernet with abundant dark fruit and supporting herb notes. My favorite FP&F red so far.

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I sure wish I had more of this wine. I’d highly recommend drinking one now if you have any.


2017 K Vintners Super Substance Cabernet Jack’s Vineyard, Walla Walla, WA is a very red fruited Cabernet expression, swirling coaxes out some currant and other classic Cabernet notes. Cool vintage and shows great Cab typicity. Excellent wine.

Underground Cellars purchase for $96 for 12x750ml…should have bought all 8 cases, seemed too good to be true.


This wine, just tasted, made me think a few things about the WA 2015 vintage for syrah. Almost every 2015 syrah has been solid and exceeded expectations given the extreme heat of the vintage. They’ve been balanced and true to style and terroir. On the other hand, they’ve not been up to the level of the best of those wines. Not substantially worse, but they just seem to lack something in the intensity and interest department like a teenager’s approach to doing chores. I wouldn’t say this is 100% consistent but it’s been true in almost all cases. Good and drinkable but a noticeable notch below what you’ve come to expect with particular producers and cuvees.

2015 Sleight of Hand syrah Psychedelic Stoney Vine Vineyard, WW AVA. Classic WW rocks terroir clearly evident it’s not over the top in that department. Restrained fruit with blackberry, dried cherry, cranberry that of course came to the fore with air over time. Very good, approaching excellent, but not the best example of this wine. Very good, 3+ maybe approaching 4- with more air.

  • 2018 Foundation Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Red Mountain (4/25/2024)
    Not decanted, Glassvin Universal stems. I’m going to describe this in a way I almost never do for domestic Bordeaux-style blends: this is a Bordeaux ringer. I would never peg this as a 6-years-past-vintage red from Washington. Ruby red clear color. Nose has spice, slate, herb, and red fruit. Firm drying tannin. I’m not sure what I think other than I’ll wait on the rest for a few years. $19.99 Redacted wine from FP. One very non-Bordeaux thing: a ridiculously large and heavy bottle.

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Pleasant, and a Berserker Day purchase.


Love Baer products,
We drink more Ursa and cab franc than Arctos but do enjoy that.


Like many 2018s, this was starting to show really nicely. It was more than I’m usually willing to pay for anything from de Negoce at $19.99, but I would’ve paid more now knowing how much I liked the wine.

  • 2018 de Négoce Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 50 - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley (5/2/2024)
    Wow, this is really good right now. It's a pretty big WWV Cab with lots of fruit and 14.9%, but the alcohol isn't noticeable at all on the nose or palate, and the fruit is dark yet well-proportioned and not overripe. There's a nice underpinning of tannin right now, but the wine needs it. Very easy to enjoy and like and will please many people. I can tell this was very well-made and the fruit is from a good vineyard. Enjoy these now and for another 5+ years easily.

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This was supposed to be Leonetti, no?

I have no idea, but that would be damn cool if so! It was really good, so perhaps. I don’t closely follow the DN speculation stuff here, so didn’t see that sleuthing.

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Looks like Ackley brands (Montinore, Mac and Jacks) just bought Betz family winery along with Sunu. Betz has been making some delicious Washington reds and they seemed to be investing a lot in the brand. A bit surprised to see the sale.

Thanks to a tip from @Robert_M_yers, I was able to buy a bunch of 2018? Betz wines @ $18 PB

That must be the explanation!

Do you have a link of this? The one i read says they bought their production facility area (one the current owners sold to another family and leased back in 2011 when they bought betz from bob).

From email:

“It’s with great excitement and a generous measure of nostalgia that we announce a milestone at Betz Family Winery. Last Friday marked a new chapter in our history, as Ackley Brands, a family-owned company, became the new custodians of Betz Family Winery, along with SUNU and The Untold Story wines.

Brandon Ackley, the dynamic leader of Ackley Brands, has long admired our wines and brings extensive industry experience and a passion for Washington wine. We have every confidence that under his stewardship, Ackley Brands will maintain our high standards and carry forward our legacy of quality and innovation that you have come to expect from us.

Reflecting on our journey since taking over from Bob and Cathy 13 years ago, we are filled with immense gratitude for the opportunities that have come our way and the unforgettable relationships we’ve built with you. Your steadfast loyalty and support have been the backbone of our success, and it has been our honor and pleasure to serve you.

We assure you that the winery’s operations team, including Louis Skinner as Winemaker and Bob Betz as consultant, will continue to be involved, ensuring the continuity of the wines you love.”

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PSA, a whole bunch of Washington wine is up on winebid.com. Many better-than-daily drinkers-should-be wines at daily drinker prices.

This is such good news on the back of the Ackley/Columbia purchase. Brandon and team are super committed and stewards of WA, they reminfld me of the early 2000’s when SMWE was looki g out for all 250+ wineries in WA by promoting WA vs. SMWE.

While Betz is about maintaining the stellar reputation, Columbia is steeped in history before multiple sales diluted their ethos. The years of David Lake and being a leader, and innovator, in single vibeyard Cab aand Syrah with Red Willow and Otis along with early Cellilo whites helped revolutionize WA.