Which Riesling are you drinking?

Mostly had it over dinner, and didn’t really analyze it the way I normally would, so whatever forthcoming TN I publish will be pretty sad by my standards. That said, it was excellent, and I struggle to imagine you’ll be disappointed. Struck me as well-balanced with considerable ageing potential. Actually drank well today, but seems to have much more in reserve. … well, hell — while typing this response I checked the note I put into my phone, and it won’t take me more than a few seconds to transcribe it, so here we go:

2021 Schäfer-Fröhlich Bockenauer Felseneck Riesling Großes Gewächs - Germany, Nahe (7/2/2024)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over 2 hrs. –

NOSE: bright; white peach; underripe white plum.

BODY: some sponti; pale mint-green - yellow color; {forgot to note weight}

TASTE: tangy white stone fruits; mouthwatering acidity (not screechy); long, mineral-laden, finish. Excellent wine. Gut impression score: mid 90s, possibly creeping-up to 96. Drink or Hold, but best to Hold.


Almost every European 2003 needs acidity.

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Great match with my homemade kung pao chicken.


Gotta share the recipe! I love making kung pao, can almost always convince my wife to drink a bottle of riesling with it…

It’s the recipe in Kenji Lopez Alt’s book ‘The Wok.’


Wonderful, I make his “Takeout-Style Kung Pao Chicken” on SeriousEats, and occasionally his Gong Bao Ji Ding recipe

A hectic night yesterday so no notes but this baby was perfectly balanced and delicious.


Awesome! I literally waffled between that one and the '22 Blauschiefer trocken a couple nights ago ---- went with the cheaper Blauschiefer, mostly because my significant other is under the weather and wasn’t interested in having any wine.

Get to it! I can still tase the crushed rock and lemon oil, and you will always have a buyer here if you hate it :slight_smile:


Shared a 2005 Karthauserhof Spatlese last night with friends. It’s at a nice spot, though nowhere near the end of its life. It has reached that point where it seems less sweet and has become a bit delicate – a stage where I particularly love riesling.


Nice. Thanks for the data point. I have a lone Karthauserhof 2005 purchased from PJ’s way back when. Maybe I’ll start on my 05s pretty soon.

Friday night Riesling

Just amazing wine. Selbach-Oster does not get enough love.


{groooooaaaaaan} … twist my arm … that sounds very much up my alley!

Yeah, and love 04’s.

Yep. I have too few left.

Very nice. I don’t drink a lot of aged pradikat wine these days but have had a few Karthauserhof with 15-20 years of age these past years and that Saar Karthauserhof delicateness is indeed so lovely as it ages and evolves.

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You meant Ruwer instead of Saar. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Karthäuserhof. I still remember my first visit there. It was thirty years ago. The winemaker Ludwig Breiling put a half bottle of Karthäuserhof in my rucksack as I was about to leave the cellar. It’s been ten years since I was last there.

Of course! Early morning brain lapse…

Nice story.

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2015 Clemens Busch Rothenpfad Reserve - Every time I have a Clemens Busch I say to myself why don’t I drink more Clemens Busch! The wines really are distinctive to me and have no comparator. The nose on this was just fascinating and worth the price of admission! Reminded me of a very pleasant patchouli aroma. The color was a dark color that might suggest it was slightly advanced I have come to learn this is just normal. The fruit profile is more yellow stone fruit with some deeper tropical notes with extreme minerality. Went so well with Japanese cuisine.