Which PYCM?

Would you rather crack 16 Le banc, 16 santenau comme, or 13 saint aubin le ebaupins?

His 16s haven’t settled down yet, so I’d opt for the 13. What vineyard is the 13?

it’s a saint aubin lieu dit

I also have 13 saint aubin perrieres, and 13 saint aubin le chaterniere.

I’d prefer to open the ebaupins or saint aubin perrieres because I have a bunch of both of those.

anyone have experience with the diff st aubins?

The 2013. The vintage really lent itself to his style.

any thoughts on ebaupins vs perrieres for current drinking? I was thinking the lieu dit may be more ready.

I’ve never tried the Ebaupins, and it looks like he produced one from 2008-2013. I’ve had his SA Perrieres in 14 and 15, and he appears to have a good source of grapes for that vineyard. 2013 was a difficult vintage for PYCM. My favorite SA from the vintage is the En Remilly and if you can find it the En Remilly Cuvee Nicholas et Mathis.

Yeah my remilly are all in the offsite, so no dice on that. Decided to pop the ebaupins which is actually really delicious. Will post detailed notes later.