Which one of these two wineries would you visit in Napa?

Which winery would you visit in Napa

  • Pride Mountain Winery
  • Anderson Conn Valley

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Down to one last choice - given a choice which one would you visit?

Anderson Conn Valley or Pride Mountain?
(quality of wine is important, but so is the tour experience, view, etc - as we’ll have wives/kids with us).


ACV without a doubt. It does not have the view, but the experience in the cave is a blast and the wines not available at retail are some of the best in CA bar none.

And you’ll be greeted by the “Todd”, an experience like no other!

The Todd is in Palm Springs that week btw. I checked :slight_smile:

ACV, for the reasons already stated, but you will not go wrong either way. They offer pretty steep discounting on case purchases to club members. You might think about where else you might plan to visit same day. Howell Mtn rises above ACV, Seavey is right there. If you have more interest in Spring Mtn or St Helena, then maybe consider Pride.

Haven’t been to Pride but if the view is anything like Barnett, I’d go there.

View’s even better at Pride

It’s a tough call but I’d also give the nod to ACV as i prefer their wines slightly.

I know you only have 1 spot open but Jim is spot on. Your going to drive past Seavey and Forman is also nearby.


10 to 10… fantastic… that makes it so clear! :wink:

thanks guys… The feedback has been great!


FIFY. Check now.

11:11… [wow.gif]

Well rats. ACV.

if you go to ACV, you can visit Forman as well, very close by - just allow plenty of time (2 hours) if you do the ACV cave tour.

Then again, there are plenty of great options on Spring Mountain around Pride too.

I didn’t vote.

Pride for the view.
ACV for the experience. Tasting in the cave was special.

I really enjoy Pride. Tasting in the caves there is outstanding!

I’ve not been to ACV so I’ll have to try them next time.

I would factor in location. Long drives with kids might not be great. Which is closer to where you are. Both are exceptional.

Just like the election polls…they are incorrect.
I’ve been to both. Pride more than once. It is a great tour and view and is a nice place for a picnic lunch but the ACV tour was much more personal and informative with barrel tastings as well as many bottles. This is with the late Mac Sawyer was the winemaker. A Napa wine making legend. I am not sure how it will be now but it would still be my choice. We were also treated to an incredible lunch there.
Bottom wine is you can’t go wrong with either but since you asked…

Looks like we’re going for Pride… since ACV does not allow people under 21 in the cave.

Interesting and surprising how many places doesn’t allow children/minors given the touristy nature of Napa.
Chappellet, Shafer, Schramsburg, and now ACV among several others does not allow any minors (Shafer u can with a private tasting). …
It can’t be the law b/c many others do allow minors in just the normal tasting rooms… weird. but ah well… not a biggie

Thanks for all the help!

I get how that would be a bummer, Mark. As a fellow visitor, though, I know I would prefer not to have someone’s young children running around me or distracting me with their constant chattering while I’m trying to enjoy a $50 or $75 (non-private) tasting. I feel the same way when I go to nice restaurants. And I say that as a parent of three who generally likes children.

Just another perspective to consider.


People seemed to miss the caveat. Wives, kids make Pride the choice. Nothing like standing with one foot in Sonoma and the other in Napa for the kids. [cheers.gif]