Which Cotat to choose?

I scarcely drink Sauv Blanc, but I enjoyed a Francois Cotat Culs Beaujeau a couple years ago and want to take another crack, especially given the early praise for Sancerre in the 2014 vintage.

Pascal and Francois Cotat seem to have the same breadth of vineyards and comparable pricing. Is there any difference in style or quality between these cousins? Is there one you prefer over the other, or is the difference negligible? Appreciate any comparative analysis you all can offer.

I’ve always thought of these two as twins in the same family. I drink both, but have never had side-by-side bottles from the same vineyard and year so could never detect the nuances. I also find them both excellent, some vintages a little more broad than others.

You can’t go wrong either way. I think they are so close, but if I had to choose, I think Francois, but that is really splitting hairs. His wines just a little more often hit that ethereal level. But again, I buy both.

I prefer Francois, but must admit that I haven’t had much recently from Pascal.

Thanks all for the input. The “they’re both great” assessment seems to be the common take. Looks like I’ll just need to pick up bottles from both producers and do a side-by-side to discover for myself. I’ll report back when I do.