Which combo would you put in a blind lineup?

So, I’m to contribute two reds for a blind tasting this week. Which of these combos do you think would be the most interesting to try together? Also would appreciate any insight on how some of these are doing now as the Lopezes and HB are the only ones I’ve had. N.B., the group includes some novices too.

1981 La Conseillante
1981 Bosconia

1985 Canon
1985 Tondonia

2001 Bosconia (R)
1976 Bosconia (GR)

1986 Grand-Puy-Lacoste
1985 Mayacamas Cabernet

1970 Haut-Brion
1970 Pape-Clement

For me it would be the '86 GPL and '85 Mayacamas.

Recently had the 81 Bosconia and 76 Bosconia GRs

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http://dat.erobertparker.com/bboard/showthread.php?t=196331" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I’d be tempted to go with Heredia action, love their wines - though that last 81 was bottle variation bigtime, as others from the same stash have been lights out great.

Oops, it was the 76 Tondonia GR I had, not the Bosconia. It was drinking great though, so I’d be shocked if the Bosconia sucked.

I haven’t had a single of the bdx in your lineup Keith but I’ve had every one of the Heredia wines and I wouldn’t think that the two wines would have a ton in common or be really interesting next to each other, but then again I’m not terribly interested in bdx :slight_smile: My vote would be for any two of the 76 Bosconia, 81 Bosconia and 85 Tondonia.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I hope your other dinner participants don’t read this board. [oops.gif]

The two '81s would be interesting. Also the GPL and Mayacamas. Might be more similar than different.

That’s fine too, good opportunity to learn about the differences.

I think the 1981 La Conseillante and Bosconia would be interesting next to each other, as would the GPL and Mayacamas.

I would not put the Canon up against the Tondonia because I would expect the Canon to be much lusher. I think the Tondonia would seem thin next to it.

The 1981s, and watch the BDX get slaughtered!

Seriously, I think if you are looking for fair comparisons…1985s…

If I were going to be at the tasting, I would be very interested in trying the GPL and the Mayacamas.

The '81 La Conseillante is a pretty little wine. Slinky. It is nothing like the Bosconia (another wine I like). Are you looking for contrast?

Ultimately, I think the Mayacamas and the GPL.

Following the party line. Maya and GPL.

1986 Grand-Puy-Lacoste
1985 Mayacamas Cabernet

with a second choice of

1970 Haut-Brion
1970 Pape-Clement

The '85 Canon is drinking great…a really wine a its peak IMO. Don’t know much about the Tondonia though…

I had the 86 GPL 6-8 months ago. It was showing mostly structure at that point although I don’t think I gave it enough air time.

Surprisingly, I toe the line here, too, by recommending the GPL/Mayacamas combo, if only for insightful, educational purposes of two dominant paradigms (Boreaux, Napa cabs).

I’d second vote for the two Bosconia combo, to illustrate the effects of ageing on the same kind of wine.

Other than that, I’m not sure that Heredia is representative of Rioja in general, and so the other comparisons go no further than “which wine did you like best?”

The '70s PC/HB combo would be, marginally, more interesting, as a showcase of old wine.

Lot of icky Cellartracker notes on the GPL. I might actually go for the Mayacamas and the Canon.