Which Champagne are you drinking?

Update: the flaw didn’t seem to go away, while the fruit tried to push through, the unpleasant note didn’t go away

At TDay we had a bottle of the 2008 Jacquesson Terres Rouges rose, and I was just stunned (again) by how full of character this unique wine is. There is nothing like it on the market I am aware of, and it makes me sad to see the price escalate the way it has. Currently only the 2013 is available accdg to wine searcher and at the painful price point of $170. But I might have to pay it.

I mentioned these in FMlll’s Laura’s House Charity thread, but while they’re not Champagne, they deserve a spot on this topic (and on your table)
2017 Ultramarine Heintz Rosé was really delicious. Chalky strawberries and peaches, with a refreshing bead.

2015 Wenzlau Vineyard Cuvée L’Inconnu Blanc de Noirs. A succulent, fruity, steely nose, with sour cherry, pear and red raspberries. Very vinous. Pink coral/copper colored. Clearly Pinot. Bottled at a low ATM (maybe they’re Cedric Bouchard fans), and it worked really well with this wine.
Organically farmed. 72 months on the lees, zero dosage.
I’m a fan of their BdB as well, which is quite different. I’m surprised I’m the only one here who has posted notes on this winery. They’re making some of the best and consistent sparkling wine in the New World.

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Krug Grande Cuvée Edition 164eme
The day after Thanksgiving, and after a very challenging workday the culminated in what will likely be excellent outcomes. The kids are home, and I wanted to open something nice. This hit the spot. It’s the best one i’ve opened, finally showing some of the richness of early maturity. It has the bright acids of the '08 base vintage, complementing the citrus, ginger and yellow apples. A little hazelnut, although it doesn’t have the oxidative qualities I see in older iterations. Whether that’s a stylistic change or a function of its youth remains to be seen. I have high hopes for this cuvée.


Still less than the Dizy or the Avize. The cuvée series is one of my very favorites, I think i started with the 736 (thanks to Brig for turning me into this)

I’d love to try these, but sadly American fizz doesn’t often make it to these parts. And then I noticed that the Ultramarine is ~US$200 even in the US, so that’s a bit out of my budget.

The Wenzlau, curiously, seems to have a front label that says Blanc de Noirs and a back label that says Chardonnay? Other than that apparently much more reasonably priced (~US$50 for the BdB - Wine Searcher Pro seems to have no knowledge of the BdN?)

Appreciate the update back. I will open one tonight and see what we got. I’ll bring a backup of something else in case, too. :grimacing:


The one I tried at the Polaner tasting in NYC didn’t have a burnt note. Hoping yours was, in fact, a flawed bottle.

I wonder what could happen to just a single bottle that would cause this flaw? I’m a big fan of LF across the board.

Interesting. I thought the bottle opened at the Fete du Berserkers a couple weeks ago was fairly shut down and veering strongly toward oxidative notes that are one of the reasons I don’t tend to like Krug. No doubt very good in its paradigm but not for me. Given I didn’t recognize this as the first Krug MV in a long time that I enjoyed on release, I was actually noodling selling my bottles although I know intellectually I should wait and see once it has had much more time in bottle.


The Ultramarine was $75 + tax and shipping from their email list. I’d be happy to send you one at my cost.

This Wenzlau is all Pinot Noir. Someday, a critic (or maybe a WB influencer) will post a note and this will take off. I discovered the winery years ago through Chambers Street Wine, who carried the first vintage of the BdB (my note was on their first BdN release). IIRC, CSW mentioned that Wenzlau started making a sparkler after Rudolf Peters visited and tasted their Chardonnay, encouraged them to make a Méthode Champenoise wine.

They still have this new BdN in stock at the winery. Here’s some information from their website.


Thanks for the link (and the note on it above) TBH I’m a little taken aback by the price-interesting though

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Check that, I just looked closer it’s not $150 per-it’s $150.00 for 3 bottles
*Homer’s annoyed grunt


This was the first 164 I’ve opened that I didn’t write “way too young”. This bottle was merely “a bit too young”.
As far as oxidative, I guess it’s a matter of degree. This wasn’t nearly as oxidative as previous iterations, to my palate.

If you ever decide to rid your cellar of these, send me a message. We could figure out a reasonable trade. I have more champagne than I can consume in a decade; I’m thankful and lucky to be in that situation.


I’m a huge LF fan, this was obviously an outlier

Also never had a champagne flaw present as burnt peanut :person_shrugging: and it wasn’t an issue with me as 6 other wines over the two nights showed clearly

Looking forward to Frank’s notes

Hey so I just opened the bottle and poured a few ounces off to taste. There is a little bit of a light peach color to this for what it’s worth. But in terms of the flavor, and I know the power of suggestion is strong, I don’t sense any of the flavor that you got however. What I do kind of sense is a blood orange, fleshy raspberry and cranberry type of profile. In the finish has a little bit of citrus peel and kind of a raspberry flesh note to it along with some salinity. So all together I would say that this bottle tastes clean to me and so I’m going to bring it with me to my buddy’s house tonight let him try it and see if he notices anything. But from where I’m sitting tonight tasting this right now it seems fine.


Definitely matches my expectation of a bad bottle then. Thanks for checking

Philipponnat Brut Rose Royal NV from 375

Would like to tell you a bit more about this wine but as one can see from the back label the information is non existent :smile:.

Otherwise this was a very nice wine, seemed to be predominantly Pinot Noir, with a moderate dosage, and a small bit of aging on the lees. It has nice cherry/berry fruit, moderate tannins, enough acidity to pull it together and a nice mousse. The finish is moderately long. A nice food wine and a decent bottle for the price. It is drinking well now with no need for additional aging.


I Love the Laherte label art / color schemes. Hadn’t seen this but will certainly seek it out as I’ve enjoyed Les Longues Voyes and Vignes d’Autrefois in the past. Also, I agree that Andrew’s bottle sounds flawed.


I had two tonight:

I like the St.-Chamant quite a bit, though a couple of friends found the dosage to be too prominent. It was outclassed tonight by the Bollinger which showed lovely precision.