Which Champagne are you drinking?

@brigcampbell When Andrew dropped in with the 14 Resonance, I felt like, hey, it’s on. Let’s get 'em open. Dude, we still had Indulgence to open. Plus the BdB and BdN Amphora bottles then you still haven’t tried (well, me either).

@K_John_Joseph …it may seem like that but I really have a core of things I tend to orbit around, like MC, Vilmart, Laherte Freres,I know these wines and these ranges very well, but at the cost of widening out to other producers. I’m 56, my wife drinks very little so I go where my joy finds me. These producers do it for me. And Brig puts up with me, which counts for a lot, too. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I love you Frank

I had to drive home!

I’m out, :joy:

Well, he does have Dominique Moreau on speed dial.

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God as my witness, at dinner one night I look over and FMIII is texting. I ask “everything alright?”

He says “yeah yeah, I’m just texting Laurent Champs @ Vilmart. He gave me this bottle.”

Oh, okay… :sunglasses:

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Brig, I remember that dinner…Laurent is truly one of the nicest people on earth. That night when we opened it I wanted him to know that we spent that gift across the group in the spirit in which he gave it to me.


2008 Laurent Perrier tonight - huge whack of bread dough upon popping and then pure elegance. I would be happy drinking this anytime.

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As I have posted on this many times, a big +1.


Moussé Terre d’Illite 2012 BdN last night. All about apples and not very interesting. Won’t do again.


Alan, liquified apple pie is the way i found the 2012. But also pineapple. For me, the richness of the vintage and the 5 grams of dosage are on the decadent side. I’ve got one left of this vintage, and it’s a consume now wine. FWIW, Alan, a recent 2015 was terrific and I recall someone telling me he tried the 2018 at La Fete LA this month and he thought it was excellent.

Just food for thought.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Yes, that was my favorite of Cedric’s wines at Fete. I prefer his wines on the younger side in general, but I also think his winemaking has improved since 2012 especially since he keeps experimenting.

and to you, too. You enjoyed the wine more than I—apple receded after an hour but I didn’t find much else. Thanks for the info.

No news, but the 2012 Louis Roederer Rose in 375 was gorgeous, even better than the last two.

And a Krug 168 in 375 showed lovely. While the first two of the case purchase had me wondering about Krug in 375s as others have said, the last three are glorious.

Just got the offer for this

39 years on the lees, and rather pricey-only 500 available in the US
I believe I’ll pass

  • 2005 Dehours Champagne Oenothèque - France, Champagne (11/25/2022)
    114 bottles disgorged in October 2010, and released in 2020. Pours a bit copper with a nose full of toffee. That note continues on the palate, with some brioche, lemon,l and apple pie that holds the finish.

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I’ve been loving just about everything coming from Dehours the last few years, this isn’t an exception, but certainly different than any of his other wines I’ve tried thus far. Really nice on a cold evening at the Shore

Had the 2015 Ultramarine BdB over thanksgiving. Was surprised at its quality. Would have definitely guessed Champagne if served blind.

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  • NV Laherte Frères Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature - France, Champagne (11/25/2022)
    First year of this blend of Pinot noir and Meunier, disgorged April 2022 with no dosage. Pours with a slight pink hue. Must be an off bottle, because I don’t get any of the berry that seems to dominate other early notes, but actually a pretty unpleasant note that calls to mind peanut butter of all thinks. Capped and put into the fridge for tomorrow.

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Really at a loss here. I’m as much of a Laherte fanboy as anyone, so have to believe this is just flawed. Will try to follow up tomorrow.

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Uh oh. Just bought one to test drive. Was gonna serve blind on Sunday. I’ll wait on your update.

Drinking some Cedric Bouchard while I cooked seemed like and was a perfect idea. It’s young, but with a lot of room to grow:

[list][*]2019 Roses de Jeanne / Cédric Bouchard Champagne Blanc de Noirs Côte de Val Vilaine - France, Champagne (11/24/2022)
This was open for about 4 hours before it fully turned on. It’s extremely young, but with a lot of elegance and poise filled with red apples, Meyer lemon, creamed pears, biscuits, birthday cake, vanilla beans, stone fruits, yellow flowers, hazelnuts, Lemon oils, toast, and baking spices. The Medium bodied feel is elegant and balanced with crisp, high acidity. This is young, but sexy and balanced. It needed a few hours to get going and probably needs another 5+ years to get where it needs to go. (92 pts.)[/list]


Got pretty much nothing that I expected from the EU bottle notes I’ve seen. I’ll check it later, but given the strange burnt peanut note, I assume it’s a flawed bottle, just unsure of what the flaw is

So did you saber this?