Which cabs?

Bringing some cabs to a steakhouse dinner.

Which pair would you bring?

08 quilceda CS
08 Maybach Materium

18 myriad Elysian
18 maybach materium

The audience is cab focused, obviously.

I also won’t have any time to prepare the wines or drop them off early. I’m leaning towards the 18s.

I opted against any bdx for this reason; I think it would’ve been interesting to pair 18 Materium and 18 palmer but I think without airtime it would be a waste.


08 QC and 08 MM.

I opened the '18 Materium last night and it was outstanding. It was a half bottle and was poured into a decanter for about 2-3 hours before dinner. The 18s seem to be on the more open side of younger big Napa Cabs. I haven’t tried anything older than 2017 Materium so not sure if the 08 would be ready to go.


DefInitely the 08s. 18s still feel pretty young and tight.

Now if you suggested doing an 08 and 18 side by side that would probably be my pick.


I think we’re gonna do the 18s. The thing is this group really likes big cabs and I have had the 08 Materium recently and I really don’t think it’s drinking in the way that would really appeal. I will have them decant these but I imagine they should be big and bold.

Wines for this wknd:

Thurs offline: 17 Bruno Clair Beze and 08 af gros Richebourg

Bros wknd:

18 Materium and Elysian
09 Cristal mag
06 Dom
13 ultramarine bdb
08 Robert moncuit Chetillons mag
12 salon

Should be fun


Will be curious to which you prefer. Both are typically outstanding.

I would do the 08 and 18 Maybach’s – to compare/contrast the same wine between two vintages, 10 years apart.


Agree with going with the 2008’s. The 2018’s should be too young to show really well.