Which 2019 Burgs Have You Loaded Up On?

I’ve been focusing more these days on finding those increasingly rare Burg bargains….those bottles that punch above their weight class. When I find them, I’ve been backing up the truck. From early drinkers like 18 Audoin Bourgogne at $35 or 18 Rapet Chorey Les Beaune at a bit north of $30. My star of the 19 vintage has been the Drouhin Gevrey village. At $70-80……this wine is amazing! What have you all found in the 19s worth going deep in?


Everyday drinkers I’ve liked and bought some of 2019:

Joseph Colin Saint-Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly Blanc
Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne-Aligoté
Glantenay Volnay and Bourgogne (this is one of my fave new finds since '17)


Fornerol cdnv


Thanks for responding about the Drouhin Gevrey in the other thread. Do you know if this is a strong wine in most vintages or does the 2019 represent a significant step up? Thanks.

None. I don’t mean that in a smug way, but I finally came to the point where I am no longer interested in trading down. Wines that I used to buy in quantity (e.g. Drouhin Chambolle 1er) have escalated to maybe buy a couple of bottles pricing, and I don’t want to play that game.

2018 was the last time I bought more than a few bottles of red burg. I suspect it will remain that way forever.

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Drouhin Chambolle-Musigny 1er
Paul Pillot CM Rouge
Drouhin Mouches

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A couple of $50 or less I’ve tried and enjoyed:
2019 Pavelot Lavieres
2019 Jean et Gilles Lafouge Boutonniers

2019 might be our last year, given age, preferred drinking window, and space.

Picked up some:
Bernard Moreau
Henri Germain
Bouchard (reds and whites)
Plus some cru Beaujolais

There are a few others out there we’ll probably squirrel away.

haha. When 05 red Burgs came out, I was 50-51 and, since I like wines w 20-30 years on them, decided that actuarial realities required me to stop buying young reds. So 2005 was my last big hurrah. Sure, some Marsannay and Savigny since then, the occasional “deal” or new producer I just had to taste, but overall I have bought few new bottles of ageable reds. It’s very hard to turn off the curiosity spigot and stop the hunt but I do buy young whites still and have vicarious fun telling a couple friends about deals. It will be interesting to see if you can stop also . . . guess I’ll see in the other thread.

I’ll be 50 this year, so much the same situation with us and 2019, except it’s a much smaller hurrah given exploded pricing.

I’ll be 60 so it’s pretty similar. I am limiting to 2 cases total of a few things I’ve been buying regularly the last 10+ years that haven’t gone up as much as some others (de la Tour Clos Vougeot VV, Ramonet Clos St Jean, mixed Barthod 1ers, plus some mixed Jouan). Then I am done, or at least that’s my story right now.

I’m 55. Have more red Burgundy than we need. And prices continue to escalate. That all adds up to being in the same boat Alan has been in for a while. I will likely buy a few bottles here and there, but am probably done with buying higher end stuff.

I’ve enjoyed their Gevrey in other vintages but never was I compelled to load up outside of the 19

How would you compare drouhin gevrey-chambeftin to duroche’s?
I really enjoy duroche’s gevrey and its complexity even young.

I’m in my late 50s but still buying Burgundy. Guess I’m planning on living longer than you all!

I did go pretty heavy on '19 and haven’t been shy about '20 either. While I’m still buying some old favorites like Lafarge, Hudelot-Noëllat, Bertheau, and H. Lignier, I am trying quite a few new producers (yes, I know many are already pretty well known here) based on recommendations from Vinous and WA (William has way too many new good ideas). E.g. Bertheau-Gerbet, Lumpp, Guillemot, Marchand & Tawse, Javillier, Henri Magnien, as well as some older producers that are still good relative values like Fred. Esmonin and Joseph Voillot.

They’re made fairly differently - Drouhin is definitely a more old school, pretty oak and “creamier” wine - Duroche will have a bit more of the Gevrey “funk” with a bit of earth and more minerality. I buy both, though I’m quite a bit more partial to Duroche.

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less of a 2019 im loading up on but a super underrated/overdelivered 2019 ive had recently was domaine bart’s marsannay village. ridiculous for the price i paid. upset i only have 2 more. not even sure if ill save them because the fruit is just so perfect at the moment.

im trying to keep dry powder for 2020s but 2019s seem quite good so far.

Hey Justin,

I’ve cut way back. I’m so sick of the burgundy bullshit of every vintage is the best ever but we have to raise the prices. Instead of 6 or 12 bottle pops I’m buying 3 to 6. 1 exception is the D’Angerville clos de Ducs. I purchased a case at about $320 a bottle. I’ve also bought a few more labels than I used normal if I found them to be good values. Stuff like Jadot CSJ, I’m 58 and will be winding down by burgs for sure. I have a kid going to college in 3 years. I’ve already decided I’m passing on 20 and 21. We’ll see what happens after that. I have started buying cab and bordeaux again. These wines are a lot cheaper than burgundy (that’s sick isn’t it ) and easier to drink with people. Met friend for dinner last night before the Eagles concert and grabbed a bottle of Napa cab. Worked great.

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I went long on Thomas Bouley’s wines for the 9th straight year and it seems like a good move given how hard it will be to get them from now on.

hmm, winding down, but I seem to remember someone like you on the Dom thread buying a chunk of 08 rosé . . . Hahahah. Ive been winding down for 15 years.

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