Which 2005 for our 5th Anniversary?

I assume all of these BDX’s are asleep and should not be touched; Pontet, Malescot, and Leoville Barton?

Are any of these CDP’s drinking well; Beaucastel, Donjon, Pegau?

What about these Red Burgs; Clos des Lambrays, Mugnier 1er Cru Clos de la Marechale, or Corton Le Corton?

What about these new world options; Ridge Monte Bello, Quilceda Creek, SQN Syrah 17th Nail in My Cranium, or SQN Granache The Naked Truth?

Mugnier 1er Cru Clos de la Marechale

Might need some gentle aeration but this is a fantastic wine. My last one drank about a year ago was pop and pour

Out of the CdP, I would pick the Pegau and give it a 6 hr SOM, but it would definitely show better in 5-10 years.

Out of the BDX, the Malescot has been in a strange place, but it is most certainly powerful and modern. If you decide to open it, either pop and pour or double decant for at least 6 hours. I would say the same for Pontet Canet which will show decidedly Californian in terms of fruit extract on the palate but runs a small risk of being shut down. Again, I’d pop/pour or double decant for 8+ hrs in cellar temp.


I assume that either SQN, I did try the Syrah and it was amazing.

Definitely steer clear of the 05 MB, Paul Draper said it was the most backwards MB he has ever made.

2005 is a structured vintage in Europe. Whatever you pick might need a 1-2 day slow O2. I’d look to Calif. for something that’s more accessible. And congrats on 5 Jeff.

My vote goes for SQN Syrah 17th Nail in My Cranium

Another vote for the Mugnier, I had it earlier this year and it was lovely.

In your position I’d be going with the SQN Grenache, although I am devoid of Burgundy experience so can’t truly consider those options properly.

Opening any of those Bdx right now would be a crime. Same thing with the CdP’s, but to a greater extent.

if you absolutely have to have a 2005, I’d agree w/the Mugnier and certainly not touch the Corton for 20 more years.

Everyone thanks for the recommendations.

We opened the SQN on Friday for our Anniversary and it was stunning. We gave it about an hour of air time before heading down to dinner. Could best be described as liquid velvet. On Saturday we opened the Mugnier, and it was drinking great as well. Didn’t have time to give any air, but it was nice right out of the bottle and seemed to improve as the night went on.

Jeff, great to see you guys. How did Sea Change work out for you?

Craig, it was excellent. Got there a little early to walk around and walk out on the endless bridge at the Guthrie. Incredible view. Great seeing you guys this weekend.

That’s great. Wish we could have joined you but the Jayhawks show was not to be missed. It looks like that outdoor patio at Sea Change overlooking the Stone Arch bridge and river would be a great place to hang too.

from your list I´d try either
Pegau (6 h slow ox + 20 min decant)
Lambrays (4 h ox + 20 min. decant)

I think Lambrays will show more open than Marechale …
Happy anniversary!