I was cruising the aisles at Bottle Barn today and noticed this:

Didn’t buy it but the name made me smile. Anyone ever had this wine?

Yes, of course. Made by Jamey Whetstone, of Turley/Jocelyn Lonen fame. Made wine with TRB. He also has another label, Manifesto!, which has less expensive wines. Jamey is a good guy and a talented wine maker. The wine is, by the way, very good. Maybe a bit more lush and round than the RM pinots, but similarly constructed.

Reasonably priced @ $36 as well. Thanks for the info!

Funny. They also had a pile of Williams Selyem, well not a pile but about 9 bottles of various vintages 06, 07, 08 and vineyards. Peay, Sonoma Coast, Central Coast, Forchini. I rarely see WS on retail shelves.

Yes, I’ve purchased some Whetstone in the past (last purchase 2005 Hirsch), not recently – very good wines, not sure what they are up to these days.

love bottle barn

Jamey is a good guy and makes some nice wine. His Jon Boat is his entry level Pinot. Also does some SVD stuff from Hirsch and several others.

Jamey is one of several folk who worked in or around the Charleston SC restaurant business who then headed west and are now making good wine. Others include Suzanne Hagins at Lutea, Mark Ray at Perception, Patrick Saboe who was at Keller and has lately been doing some consulting and TRB.

Dave Ball
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It’s where Wine Country shops for wine. [cheers.gif]

We tasted through several of his whites when he was through Dallas a few months ago. Nice stuff, but there were so many wines being poured and time was short so I don’t recall what I actually had. They were new to me and I was mainly there to sample the 08 Realm’s and the 08 Keplinger’s. I just remember that all the wines were very good.

I did get to spend a bit talking with Jamey and he’s a great guy that is very down to earth with a wonderful wife and kids.

Here’s a bit about Jamey and his wines: http://www.whetstonewinecellars.com/about.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


YEP, another South Carolina guy! Good wines

I’ve drank a good amount of Whetstone. Overall, Jamey’s wines are quite good. His 2006 Bella Vigna cuvee won a blind pinot noir tasting here in DC against some notable pinots (Patricia Green, Sea Smoke, Kosta Browne, Cameron & Valli).

Jamey’s a great guy too.