Where's Linda? Peachy Canyon on WTSO

right now

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Just ordered 4. At least if it sucks I’ll know who to blame… neener

I did not see Jonathan Newmans seal of approval, so I did not buy…

now that is some funny s*** [welldone.gif]

I didn’t start there until 2007. neener


Ah, so they’re clearing out the crap they made before you got there and straightened them out?


kiss ass [tease.gif]

In all seriousness, though, have you tasted this by any chance?

Well at least it’s an award-winning ass!!!

Hers or yours?? neener

Yes, of course I have. [berserker.gif]

Care to elaborate? headbang

It is the most restrained of our estate Zins. It is from grapes on our coolest property, so it will not be a big jam-bomb. I haven’t tasted the '06 in a while, but in general that is a pretty toned-down Zin. I hope you weren’t expecting a Paso monster.