Where to buy wine glasses (bulk)

My company does a LOT of wine tasting events around the country (LA/OC, NYC, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Philly, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Phoenix). We usually have 50-80 attendees at each of the events (each attendee can bring a guest - be it a spouse/co-worker). At the events we enable folks to vote on the wines using a wine tasting/voting app that we built.

I’d like to provide all the guests with a nice tasteful gift of a wine glass. Does anyone know where the wineries buy all of their glasses that they give away? I’ve got bunches of Riedel glasses (and other brands) from various wineries where the tastings are $10-$20 so I’m guessing the glasses can’t cost all that much.

Anyone have a good source to recommend for purchasing glasses? (and would want to get them discretely logo’d as well)

I would try a restaurant supply store.

And I’m sure there are some places online where you could order and have a logo put on them. Usually I see that with fairly inexpensive brands, like Libby.

I use ATP (American Tartaric Products) in Windsor. You can get decent Stotzle (sp?) burg stems for $3-4 when you buy in bulk. I like them partly because they have an actual location where you can go look at samples. There are other suppliers who work mainly by shipping you samples. I found that cumbersome, but it might be easier for you.

Gabriel machine stems.

Where would you buy Gabriel machine stems? Seems they don’t sell to consumers…

I buy from GlassTech in Oregon.


I’ve purchased every day glasses from restaurant supply online store:


I’m a fan of glasses by Libbey and they carry a full range.

I looked at the Libby glasses, not nice enough. I can’t stand glasses that have rims on them. I think for the types of wine events (and the wines we serve) that they would be too cheap.

The glasses from GlassTech look more like what we’d want, but no prices listed. I’ll ring them up on Monday.

If anyone has other sources, please let me know. Would also like to get them etched as well.


I’ve bought bulk glasses and decanters from this website with good results.


Southern Wine & Spirits distributes Riedel Restaurant Series stems and O’s. If in your business you deal with SW&S, you can order from them. If your business is in a related field, you can probably establish an account and order them. Otherwise, Phill has the best idea.

Mark - Wine Warehouse in LA is your answer.