Where is THE beef? The best beef cuts you ever had.

In America from America. Bryan Flannery USDA Prime Porterhouse that was dry-aged 52 days. Not sure of the bread that the primal was fabricated from, but it was sourced from Brandt Family in California. Three and a half inches thick and just a wee bit more than four pounds. Cooked over mesquite hardwood charcoal on a Weber Kettle…six minutes per side direct and then indirect on the bone for an additional 35 minutes to get to 125 deg F. Simple seasoning with Bolivian Rose salt and Telicherry pepper.

  1. Never been out of the country.
  2. Have had beef from those places, and while Wagyu from Japan and Oz are supremely tender, it just doesn’t match good old American dry aged and corn fed beef.
  3. I would like to travel to Argentina and Spain to see what all their fuss is about.

Thought you were a big fan of Argentine chain steakhouses…

This might do better in EE.

  1. Agreed with the Stache on moving this…

  2. I’ve been getting bombarded by email from Fleisher’s in Rhinebeck. Now that they’re delivering to NYC I think a NYD beef/hangover remedy may be in order.

The Australian Wagyu that I had this past new years was pretty darn good. Not sure if this is my top but its definitely up there. The CA rsv rib cap from Bryan is up there as well.

Speaking of rib caps from Flannery…this is only the second one released from his shop back in 2007. The first one went to RMP, and I got to be the beta tester before general availability.

And I am pretty sure P-Rob was there for this as well.

I’m with Tex and P-Rob on this one … Flannery Private Reserve. I’ve never been to Japan or Argentina to sample their well-regarded meat from the source, but I’ve had legitimate A5 Kobe and imported Argentinian beef. Those are both wonderful products, and I am a big fan of steak generally. But Tex hit the nail on the head for me: there is just something special and preferred to my palate about grain-fed, dry-aged American beef. I love it.

Hey Serge, it was a conversation, not an argument! LOL !!

For me personally:

The best beef that I “import” comes from Debragga’s in NYC. They supply over 50% of the best steakhouses in NYC from what I was told.

their site : http://www.debraggas.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I would love to try Flannery based on what I read. Also, I get great steaks at the Meating Place in Boca Raton, Fl.

As for my favorite overall beef is good all dry aged USDA PRIME. Fck the grassfed sht. I think it sucks personally.

I have eaten at Argentinian Steakhouses and was NOT impressed whatsoever. But with that said, I could also have gone to the wrong places as I have read some very favorable things about Argentinian beef.

As for Kobe and Australian Waygu, too rich for me. Too much fat it in for my personal tastes (I really prefer filet’s) I have had the Waygu ribeye steaks numerous times and just way too rich. As for Kobe Filet’s, not enough of a difference in taste for me to justify the added expense.

How about those Kobe burgers? Is that a crock of you know what or ? I think it defeats the purpose to ground up such good meat (supposedly) in order to make burgers. Plus I am very suspect that the term “KOBE” is used way too loosely in this country and it seems there is more Kobe sold in America than is actually available ! I have heard of restaurants trying to pass off Australian Waygu as Japanese Kobe…

As for restaurants, here are my favorite places to have a steak in America.

Not necessarily in any order…

Delfrisco’s in NYC ONLY ( I was there a a couple of months ago and had an outstanding meal and they had a great wine list. The one in Vegas I was not impressed with) I think I ate at one in Houston and it was great, but I am not 100% of thats THE place or not. They had an after dinner shot called the snakebite. I drank three, took two steps and almost fell down.

Joe’s Seafood - Las Vegas, who would have thought that the best steak in Vegas is probably at this seafood establishment, but it was truly the best steak I had in Vegas. The Filet was one of the best I ever had.

Prime - at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

Capital Grill ( best chain out there probably, one in NYC is the ones I am referring to mostly)

NY PRIME - Boca Raton, Fl… excellent food but way too “BOCA” for me personally.

Uncle Jacks on 9th and 38th (ONLY) in NYC. They have other locations, but this one seemed to be the best

Heresford House - St.Louis, Mo.

Bern’s Steakhouse - Tampa, Fl

Smith And Wollensky’s (Philly, Miami and NYC locations only)

Peter Lugar’s - NY (slightly overated, but the porterhouse for two is truly a great steak)

Craft Steak - Las Vegas

I also like various Morton’s locations, but not all are created equal.

MOST OVERATED PLACE - RUTH CHRIS. I just don’t like the place compared to others in the same category.

Just my opinion, so don’t slam me, lol !!

After the crappy experience you had , I found it necessary to remove it from my preferred places, but the ones listed below in my opinion are all superior to them anyway.

As for Bern’s that may be true, I haven’t been there is about 3 or 4 years. But I do remember it fondly.

Where can we find Flannery Steaks? I have never had them.

So what did you eat for lunch today Serge? lol Save room for the steak and seafood tonight.

I have found Argentinian steaks to be overseasoned and just not as tender. But again, it could be the places I have eaten at. I did have Canadian beef once and it was very good.

Call him directly

341 Corte Madera Town Center
Corte Madera, CA 94925
PH: 415-927-4488
F: 415-927-3433

I’ll send Bryan an email and let him know that you are one of the good guys.

Serge, Look closely , I just took a better look , its Hamachi Toro, NOT Bluefin Toro (which is supposedly the best)

But at this price and at the price of the ahi, I am willing to definitely try both.

my chopsticks are being reconditioned as we speak [bullshit.gif]

What is online is only the tip of the iceberg. He sources all sorts of seafood directly from the wharf in San Francisco.

Also, he doesn’t have his pork, poultry or lamb online either. Best to give him a call and discuss what your plans are and he can recommend what looks good that day…and he will never stear you wrong.

Disclaimer: I do have a financial interest as I receive the good customer discount and I am on the beta testing crew for Flannery.

Scallops: Grilled and as ceviche courtesy of Ricca
Hamachi: As sashimi
Opah: Grilled

This is exactly how I feel. EVERY time I go for a steak at a restaurant I am unsatisfied, knowing that I could have done it just as good or better and for much less $. Probably why Lisa and I never go out to eat much anymore.

Just buy a chunk of tallow, “lard” it with fine-julienned sirloin beef, and sear.

True. Every man is born with an innate ability to cook meat on fire. If not, then go toss salad. neener

Could be taken so many ways…