When Wine Critics Speak About Topics On Areas They Don't Cover...

Truly don’t want this to devolve into a bashing thread of any sorts.

My question is why is JSM making such a comment in regard to wines he doesn’t formally cover? Granted, his influence is minimal here, but what is the angle?

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I don’t have any “insider” information, but a friend of a friend said…


Bob really needs to put a gag order on that. Even if he did cover Cali, his comment is so detached from reality of the marketplace.

So wait, he DOESN’T cover Alsace either?
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Well, God knows you’ve never made a silly comment on a wine board…

What’s the problem? Is he forbidden to speak about anything that’s not from Spain or Oz?

Yeah, I don’t see the issue here. Jay makes a good point, though the next guy does as well. Randy may believe his wine should be priced at that level, but if the bottles are available for substantially less, it’s hard to see how that offer will be a success.

Is the real issue the proliferation of meta-threads here about threads “there?” [stirthepothal.gif]

Wait…What? You’re asking a professional wine critic to not gratuitously voice an opinion?

That sounds like the beginning of a meta-meta-thread. Cool! I was a philosophy major… I’m game.

I don’t see what is wrong with what he wrote. He’s not really claiming to have some crazy inside information. I think if anyone else posted that, no one would have an issue with it

This is the bigger problem…I guess it was not possible to taste blind…

I was at a distributor’s office tasting some Australian wines-Jay S Miller

And then a former WA critic chimes in on how he buys direct from the importers…

I tasted Weinbach’s Riesling l’Inedit 2008 last night and instantly turned to Danny Haas to put in my order for a case.-Pierre Rovani

I’ve gone from being outraged by Jay’s behavior and ratings to not giving a sh*t. He is irrelevant.



Are we going to get to the point where there’s no commentary every time Jay Miller or Jeff Leve takes a dump? Who cares, really?

I wonder if anyone on Ebob thinks “man I should make a thread about what crazy shit ____(insert name) says on WB”. Probably not cause they don’t care… and the peeps here shouldn’t care about what they say either

I applaud your ability to turn this into a jay miller bashing thread pepsi

I’d prefer to be out of the building when that happens.

Agreed. But I am not on TWA payroll, and I don’t try to throw out innuendo about the business practice of wineries in areas that I don’t cover. It’s a free country and he can say whatever he wants to. Just seems to me like the post would do more harm than good.

As for Leve, you are correct in nobody really should care. But for JSM, people are still paying TWA for his reviews on the areas that he covers. Making eroneous statements seems odd to me…and I guess it is just me.

I’ll run all my threads by you before I start a new one. How does that sound?

Most likely, this is just Rovani letting Danny know to allocate some of the wine to a retailer Rovani frequents. Less a power play to buy directly from the importer and more talking to the source to be sure extra juice flows his way. Poorly phrased but likely well within the boundaries of the law and fair play. Not to dredge up old wounds, but I know this is how RP gets lots of the allocated stuff he buys.