When Will Krug Release Their Vintage 2002?

I just picked up a couple of bottles of the 2002 Cuvée Winnie. It made me ponder the question of when (not if) Krug will release their 2002. Anyone have any info on this? Thanks.

Good question. They’ve released 03 and cellar tracker is showing 06 & 08. I might be wrong but heard that 08 is a stellar vintage; hopefully Brad will give us the scoop about both.

Calling Brad Baker…

No formal announcement yet.
2006 and 2008 haven’t been released yet.
2004 may hit first

As Ian said, they are strongly leaning towards 2004 coming out first and I believe this is what will happen. You never know as things can change rather quickly, but something will be coming soon be it 2004, 2002, or a double release of both together.

Krug likes to have two vintages on the market at the same time so you can compare/contrast so if the 2004 comes out first, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the 2002 follow on within a year.

While on the topic of wines we are waiting for - I’ve been waiting forever for Charles Heidsieck to release their 96 Blanc de Millenaires. I guess I should just give up on this as their answer to date has always been ‘It isn’t ready yet’.

Me too! I’m still holding a few bottles of the 1995 BdM. I hope they last until the 1996 is out.

Is that the last 1996 champagne still waiting for its first / original release?

Same argument Krug keeps using for the 2002 :wink:

When this is released, any ideas as to what to expect regarding availability and price?

I’m not sure Charles Heidsieck is ever going to release the 96 BdM. It may wine up as an in-house wine or used for reserves and liqueur. Who knows. The fact that they are still shipping out the 95 shows that they have a huge supply of it and this may also factor in to whether they will ever do a true release of the 96. Personally, I think they will either skip it and just move on to something from the 2000s or repackage the 96 as a new prestige cuvee.

It is the last 96 I can think of that folks are waiting on except for maybe the 96 Alain Robert wines, but that is a different situation as Alain Robert got out of the business before he would have released the wines. No clue what is going to happen to those, but I expect they will be released by someone, someday under a different label.

Bringing this back for any updated information.

It is looking like 2002 Krug will be out the first half of next year.

As for the 96 Charles Heidsieck BdM - it will never be officially released. It did see a small release to a Japanese or Asian based airline for first class service, but that was it. Overall, it was deemed to not be as good as the 95 and not worthy of an official release due to the quality and availability of the 95. A lot of it will/has ended up as reserve wine.

Not as good as the '95 BdM? Had the '95 on Friday and it was really boring.

I haven’t had the 96 so I am going off of what multiple Charles Heidsieck folks have told me. The biggest quality reason seems to be too much acidity and a lack of balance. The basic 96 vintage wines were also deemed to be a good step up from the BdM.

On the 95 BdM, I agree with you. Most folks really love it and I think it is a wine that is wonderfully made, but seems made more to a formula than the Charles Heidsieck style and lacks real character. Still, it is a wine that is easy to gulp down. I really, really want to love the 95 BdM, but I can’t and I don’t know why.

I’ve heard this as well from an inside source. Looking forward to it very much.

Yes I was told April of 2016

Brad - I will trade you my '04 Vilmart for '95 Heidsieck BdM.

Shall be interesting to see how Krug prices the '02. I bet north of $300. Hopefully the price of '00 gets cut in advance of release, I have always liked Krug’s '00.