When does a Gold Capsule signify a "Goldkapsel"?

Many German wines, e.g. some Dönnhoff Ausleses have a gold foil capsule. But I have read somewhere that for some wines this does signify a special cuvée, while for others it does. Can you clarify this for me? TIA!

It all depends upon the specific producer. Not sure if anyone has a definitive list.

I hoping Terry can tell me for his producers, esp. Dönnhoff.

Dönnhoff doesn’t make multiple grades of Auslese, and of the growers who do, the guys in my portfolio usually use stars on the main label to indicate the pecking order. This system also has its limits. Everyone knows that two stars is “better” than one, but we can’t know what the highest number of stars may have been - unless of course my catalogue is consulted. Was the two-star the top one, or were there three and even four-star bottlings?

Or do they go up to 11? [wink.gif]

So a gold capsule on a Dönnhoff is just a pretty capsule and means nothing?

That is correct.