What's your house champagne?

Visited them about 10 days ago — nice tour/tasting and really liked the champagne. Unfortunately haven’t been able to locate it in Austin so far.

Our house champagne that is always on hand is Ruinart (Blanc de Blancs and Rose)

Anything good under $40.


Probably need to load up.

House wine is a variety of grower stuff (mostly), centered on price point and market availability. Right now, lots of Gimonnet, Chartogne-Taillet, Rene Geoffroy, Sabine Godme, and for rose, we got a good deal on some Ruinart. The Goutorbe was a couple-bottle sample purchase back at Thanksgiving. Was a feature with turkey dinner. Yum.


Billecart Salmon Rose or Ruinart BdB. My wife doesn’t love sparklers so when we do open one, its a little nice than a “house” wine

Eric Bordelet Poire Granit. Let’s goooo.

My house bubbly is almost always a Prosecco or a Cremant de Bourgogne - Champagne is still special to me, so I just don’t pop one on a Tuesday night just to have a glass or two. And I purchase my Champagne in 1-2 bottle lots and rarely have the same one twice in a row.

My current house bubbly is the ‘Elém Valdobbiadene Superiore’ - a superb Prosecco that just screams ‘hot tub’ -

There is a code for Wine.com that I used yesterday: getwine
Gives you $100 off a $300 purchase. I loaded up on Ayala brut and the net net price after taxes and shipping was way below that. Closer to $30, actually.


Really though. What an effective coupon for me. $100 off a $300 purchase?!?! How could I possibly pass that up?

Don’t ask me! I just ordered 6x Ayala Brut + 2x PYCM. [help.gif]

MV Krug. It is expensive but it is my favorite and I serve it when I can.

Still? :laughing:

And F o l e y with the C Bouchard

Still Delamotte BdB


It was a long time ago, Robert,
Certainly not my house champagne anymore, though I have a few left.


[I will show myself out…]

Used to be Krug, got too expensive.
Then it was Egly, got too expensive.
Now it is Nicolas Maillart.


We like aged champagne.
Popped a bottle of Paul Sugot Grand Cru BdB VV (2008-base, 8-10 years on lees, 3-5 years post dg) to cheese and crackers and it was just how we like it.
I mentioned as we cheered to life that this was our next to our last bottle of this particular wine and that we are beginning to run low on aged ‘House Champagne’ in which she spontaneously exclaimed ”buy more!” Well, that’s a five year lead time right there.
I just ordered Paul Déthune GC Brut and GC Brut Rosé, and am going to try to order some Lilbert.

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Filaine DMY
Egly VP
Egly Rose

Budget: NV Jacques Lassaigne Champagne Les Vignes de Montgueux


Vilmart NV seems like a solid chose.


I go through a lot of NV Camille Sauves, Herbrart, and Michel comparatively. All at $40 or under.