Whats your favourite wine characteristic ?

What single chartacter style can get you excited, describe it in a few words, for me the following would be examples.

Steely minerality of a Chablis

Savoury bloodiness of a big Syrah

Creamy yeastiness of a fine Champagne

Curious what descriptors people come up with

For me it’s white wines that have a grippy texture on the palate (in addition to freshness and acidity - it probably wouldn’t interest me otherwise). Raveneau is my classic example. I’m not sure if this is actually tannin or something else.

The alcohol? newhere

That’s right up there with me too, David [cheers.gif] . I am not sure that I have a favorite wine characteristic in the sense of the examples. I enjoy having a wine with multiple characteristics that are pleasant, diverse, complex, and play well together. I especially enjoy wines which add some intriguingly elusive taste to the mix which makes me want to have another taste and ponder a bit.

Cheesy wines! cheesehead

Gaminess, especially in old world, more rustic Syrah

Off the top of my head:
The decaying leaves/forest floor/mushroom notes of an aged burg
The cigar box/pencil shaving/leather of a Left bank
The honey, almond nuttiness of an aged Sauternes

The fruit of course!

Currant, rasberry in an aged cabernet.

Blackberries in a good zinfandel.

Subtle strawberries in a nice pinot noir.

Peach, pear, apple butter in a cool chardonnay.

Generally, acidity.

Polish. And linearity.

I really love aged wines which have retained good fruitiness but the fruitiness is somewhat muted and the wine displays an elegance you don’t see in younger bottles.

Damn it, Neal beat me to the punch. So I’ll go with balance and complexity.

Polished linearity

Good list

As in coming from Poland?

Cat pee, because it’s the funniest.

Eeew, no way! Gotta be linear polish.

No, it’s when a wine is rubbed aggressively until glossy, then fined, filtered, bottled, buffed to a lustrous finish, and sold.

So generic! Take a stance young man!


Balance…fruit and acid, secondary and tertiary notes of earth and fruit, tannin and fruit. Balance is so difficult to describe, but impossible to overlook.