What's Your Favorite Widely Available Bourbon / Rye?

Just tried Old Forester 1920 Prohibition for the first time and found it exceptional. As good a bourbon as I’ve had, and totally unique tasting.

I realize what’s “widely available” can differ from one location to another, but my question is:

What’s your favorite domestic whiskey that’s easy to find on a store shelf?

Bourbon: Wild Turkey 101

Rye: Old Forester 100°

Eagle rare or of 1920

Same. For Rye Pikesville and Michter’s Straight Rye.

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Woodinville barrel proof bourbon
Woodinville Rye

I really ought to give Woodinville a try. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a dram from them.


I do like Heaven Hill for rye, but slightly prefer Rittenhouse. It is the same mash bill and distillery. The main difference is Pikesville is bottled at 55% instead of 50%. Both are great for cocktails.

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I’ve done most everything on the Bourbon Trail, and my farvorites were Old Pogue, Labrot and Graham (Woodford and 1920), and Wilderness Trail; least favorite is Bulleit (very industrial) Do you know what mash bill and age you like?


Rittenhouse Rye is my go-to. Delicious, relatively easy to find, and given the price point ($21 at my local Trader Joe’s in California) it punches far above its weight.

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I am not a rye person, nor do I like the high proof ones either, so Michter’s US*1 Bourbon for me.

4Roses single barrel
Noah’s Mill
Rowan Creek
Eagle Rare

All pretty easy to find…

I like Eagle Rare and Basil Hayden’s quite a bit. Very different styles. Sadly, Eagle Rare has gotten difficult to find in this area.

John Bowman Single Barrel

Eagle Rare 10 Year

Old Fo Rye 100 Proof

Old Forester 1910
Old Forester 1920
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select
Eagle Rare

I second that choice for a Rye based bourbon.

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20% more corn in the mash bill would get it to a bourbon.

Eagle Rare on the bourbon side, Rittenhouse/Sazerac for Manhattans