what's the reason for all the Scott Paul sell-offs?

Back stock has been blown out for the past month or so at ridiculous discounts by different retailers. I have read the garagiste email offers and the threads on this site but cannot find an explanation. They don’t seem to be going under. What’s the scoop?

The winery did lot look open when I drove by Nov. 17. That’s the date of the pre-Thanksgiving events, and Scott Paul Winery was always quite active.

I looked on the Scott Paul website. The last event listed was the spring club members pick-up pre-Memorial Day this year. Ian Burch is still listed as winemaker, thought he was at Archery Summit as of July.
The Scott Paul wines listed for sale on the website are 2014 and earlier. Garagiste was selling the '15s and '16s at a steep discount.
I don’t see any news using a Google search, but I conclude from other evidence that they are wrapping things up.

The Winery sold in 2014- not sure how that fits in.

Cameron Healy, who was already part owner, took over founder Scott Wright’s share of the winery. Kelly Fox left, and wine making duties were passed to Ian Burch. the wines continued to be made to a high standard, from excellent vineyards.
The big change was the introduction of a lower cost second label, Wildstock. The Wildstock wines were a good value for the price. Perhaps they over-reached, expanding production without adequate distribution?

They are no longer producing wine. While not technically shuttered (as they are clearly selling wine) they will not be producing any longer. I know of fruit contracts for 2018 they had being bought up by other wineries (and not the sort of stuff you simply pass on for a year or something like that). I think when you cast off the original owner/managing partner and the long-time winemaker in the course of about a year it makes for some rough road that not every winery can survive. Would seem to be the case in this instance.