What's on your Wine Wish List?

Not that folks on this board aren’t starved for the wines they want, but with all the recent discussions on lists, etc., was curious…what are your “wish list” wines? Assuming these are available in the market place, but for whatever reason, you’ve struggled to acquire them.

The one I’m most curious about is SQN. I only recently signed up for the list in the past 2 years, and due to restrictive shipping laws to Texas, they’re difficult to source from auction houses, etc.

What are yours?

Nothing big ticket right now. These are on my rolling shopping list for July/Aug/ September
More - 12 Garnier AOC Chablis
12 Perchaud AOC Chablis
08 Talenti BDM
NV Genet Champagne
09 Burlotto Barolo
12 Bosquet Chante Mearle CDP
10 Rollins Corton Charlie
couple scarce items items I won’t mention since only about 3 left on the planet.

I don’t have any specifics (because I’m still learning), but I’m on an Italian kick now searching out new and available wines.

Giacosa Red Labels. Monfortino.

31 Quinta do Noval Nacional

59 Ch. Lafite

I wish I had a time machine & could go back & buy all the stuff I had access to at the prices they were available for!

I’ll keep to stuff I’m looking to pick up but haven’t yet, rather than fantasy wines.

Tiefenbrunner’s Feldmarschall Muller-Thurgau, to see if they genuinely can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear

Trentino vin santo - If the one bottle we tasted last month (Castel Toblino) is indeed in the regional style, then it’s a style like

Hunter Semillons - rarely seen in UK

More Aostan Fumin


Castel del Monte - rarely seen here and Nero di Troia seems to be a good wine grape for my enjoyment

More Campanian whites - I’ve enjoyed but not actively sought to follow up before.

if there is room, I will go with you!

I would love to sample a lineup of the best Bordeaux had to offer in '47, '61, ‘82, and 00’. There are too many to name, and I don’t need to try them all.

Previous WOTY’s that I would like again:
2005 SQN Atlantis
2000 Lynch Bages
1999 Grange
1998 Viader Red
1997 Joseph Phelps Insignia
1997 Simi (standard Cabernet… this was a bottle that shocked me how good it was back in '00… I doubt it held up, but I would love to re-experience that particular wine)
1996 Duckhorn Merlot, Three Palms

I could add another 25 wines easily.

i’ll sit in the middle

ok but if I bring back too much stuff we may have to leave you there. Won’t be enough room.

ok but if I bring back too much stuff we may have to leave you there. Won’t be enough room.[/quote]
It’s ok, i’ll be rich from all my pro stock market moves.

I see this a bit differently. I don’t have a wish list. Instead, I just feel very fortunate to have my health, to be able to work and earn a living that allows me to afford wine and to share what I already buy and own. I’d want to wish for that to continue, honestly.

It’s ok, i’ll be rich from all my pro stock market moves.[/quote]
that’s fine–I am hitting Lotto.

1959 Calon Segur
late 60s BV GdL
73-75 Sterling Reserve Cabs

Anything else unexpected and affordable that is earlier than the 90s.

I was born in '61 and married in '85 so more backfills, as high end as my budget will allow.
I’d also like a few bottles of La Romanee from Liger B-A

I’d like to acquire a few cases of 20+ year old Red Label, Monfortino and Conterno this year. And I’d like to drink Scott Brunson’s Comte Liger La Romanee.

What the heck was that beast and who is carrying it?

that’s fine–I am hitting Lotto.[/quote]

It sounds like this could be quite a trip!

Alan you need to invest your Lotto winnings in Fu’s stock picks. When you return you can drink Krug and La Tache out of your faucets!