What's cookin' (tonight) good lookin'?

Choice hanger steaks a la plancha with a homemade chimichurri, roasted red baby taters, creamed spinach & sweet corn on the cob! [cheers.gif]

Grilled shrimp, grilled pizza, and 1994 Liparita Howell Mountain Merlot, at oceanfront Block Island vacation house.

Gazpacho, Flannery pork ribcap, roasted potatoes, mixed green salad, tart cherry/rasp-, straw-, blackberry pie

TMI…and “must be nice…” neener

The economy really is showing here. On Saturday nights in the peak of vacation season, the local restaurants
have been half empty.


You really have to deconstruct it to appreciate it. Could have been “at vacation house”, or “at oceanfront house”, or “at oceanfront vacation house”, or “at Block Island house”, but if you’re going to go for it suppose you swing for the fences.

We had coq au vin with homemade egg noodles. Alton Brown recipe, turned out fantastic. Ate at dinner table with view of neighbor’s garage. Could also see a tree.


Block Island dinner.

Making Pizza sauce:

Roma, Plum cherry, Purple Cherokee, smashed and then with roasted garlic, salt, a we bit red wine vinegar, I do have a half onion ( yikes ) but it was braised on the grill… oregano, evoo, adjust with sugar if needed

Saute and run through a mill …then concentrate…


Lunch today, of grilled pizza.